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Morgen, on September 28, 2021, appears World. The MMO was originally announced as a PVP game, but has meanwhile made a strong change to PvE. Meinmmo throws a look at the game and explains for whom it is interesting.

What is New World? The new MMO from Amazon plays in the gloomy world Aerternum, which you can explore with your character and masters your diverse challenges. Focus on:

An open world with events, bosses and beautiful landscapes
Various dungeons for 5 players
A deep and important crafting system
PVP in the form of faction fights and battles for fortresses

New World waives classes and allow you to choose your style of play with different weapons and matching equipment. The battle system is used in which you actively goals and dodge. However, it is much slower and tactical than titles like ESO or Guild Wars 2.

When will New World? New World celebrated his release already on Tuesday, September 28th, at 8:00 am German time. The Preload is expected to start at 17:00 on September 27th.

New World can only be played on the PC for startup. Versions for consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X / S have not been announced so far.

Checklist – should I play New World?

For the quick overview, we have built here a short checklist for you. We have prepared 10 statements for you and if you answer at least 7 of them with yes , you can be confidently started with New World. More detailed information can be found below in the text.

I generally search a new MMO or MMORPG I can invest a lot of time.
I love MMOs with active combat systems and evasive roles.
Crafting is one of the most important content in an MMO.
I like PvP, but do not want fights in the Open World.
The cooperation with other players and a guild is important to me.
I do not need different classes, but would like to experience all content with my main character.
Fight against undead and zombies is exactly my thing.
I am looking for a MMO with modern graphic.
Ice cream sulps and void gloves just sound like really cool weapons.
I am looking for a game with a gloomy and unused setting.

New World is a fresh MMO with a lot of hype

Why I should look at New World? New World is considered the great MMO hope 2021. Particularly highlighted the crafting system, the beautiful game world and the battles for fortresses in the PVP.

In the crafting, New World offers various skills that can manufacture your weapons, armor, ammunition, furniture and food. The special thing is that you can come about crafting to the best equipment in the game – the legendary objects – come.

However, the effort is great, because for the right stats and bonus effects you need many materials and a little luck.

In the open world, you meet different settlements, biomes and beautiful landscapes. However, there is criticism at the quest system in the game world, many refer to as monotonous and uninspired. The tasks usually consist of typical kill x – collecting y quests.

What about the endgame? In the end game, you can expect 6 different dungeons, bosses in the open world, the PVP mode Outer Level Storm for fighting in 40V40 and the battles for fortresses in the 50V50. Anyone who wins such a battle controls the settlement and can determine the taxes there, among other things.

Amazon has particularly impressed with many fans with the new content that came into play between September 2020 and July 2021. These include all dungeons, new weapons, new areas, revision of many quests and fishing. More here:

New World has changed greatly in the last 11 months – now has dungeons and more Open World PVP

More about New World on Meinmom:

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It is worthwhile for theme park fans? Anyone who has played mainly especially games like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV will have to be made in New World on some changes:

There are no classes, the equipment determines the game style
In the combat system, enemies are not automatically selected, but you have to go a target and partly long animations
There is no classic story that follows. The focus is on the fight between the factions, but you can learn about notes in the open world and dungeons a little about the background of the world.

Nevertheless, New World can become your game. Because by crafting, the fight between the factions and the importance of a guild is something oriented to Oldschool MMOS. In addition, the gloomy setting that gives it in relatively few MMORPGs.

Who wants to deal with the differences in more detail, finds an article here:

Is it worthwhile for players who do not like classic MMORPGs? Yes, especially if you come from the survival direction. Because the reduction in the open world, crafting and Housing and the PVP should be familiar to you.

However, who likes to travel alone, could have it harder with New World. Although you can easily reach the Max Level 60 and explore the world. But those who want to be taken later in dungeons or struggles for fortresses will need contact with other players. There is no dungeon finder like in wow.

Who should not play it?

If you are looking for a classic Tab Targeting MMORPG like WOW or FFXIV, New World is wrong.
Fans of Twinks are not at their expense, because you can only have a character per server network.
Anyone who can not inspire for PVP – which takes place here, especially in instantiated battles – could be bored quickly in the endgame, as there are still some contents here.
Who expects a classic heroes history as in Guild Wars 2 or ESO, is disappointed, but at least on a few story content in the dungeons and around the mysterious material Azoth can be pleased.

NEW WORLD should be constantly expanded after release

How about New World? After the release New World is constantly getting new content. What and when exactly the new content has come, has not yet been revealed. However, there should be a roadmap shortly after the release.

However, the datinening has already found some new content, including some new weapons, new dungeons and a new area. Everything we have summarized here:

So it should continue with New World after the release

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