The PlayStation family grows The authors of The Persistence buy an independent study

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Sony has made it clear on multiple occasions that aims to expand its views at a stroke of Talonario , which has led to the purchase of several studies to increase the number of members of the PlayStation family. Something that, in turn, can happen in a way a bit indirect , as it has happened today with the new incorporation of SIE: Fabrik Games. A developer who has launched several independent games and that maintains a close relationship with FireSprite, the last acquisition of Sony.

As we commented only a few days ago, FireSprite and had collaborated with the Japanese company for the creation of titles such as The Persistence, a set of terror set in space. However, for the development of this same game, the experience of Fabrik Games has also been counted, which has led to it the ideal candidate to join FireSprite and the PlayStation ecosystem.

Fabrik Games team has experience in AAA franchise a story that is reflected on the FireSprite website, which announces this recent acquisition with the Skyline of PlayStation . Since, according to the director of the study, Fabrik Games are a team of passionate and committed developers, led by veterans of the industry that have worked in many AAA franchises. Something that is perceived as a great purchase that joins the ranks of Sony to create unique adventures on its platform: We are anxious to reinforce our creative talent as we continue on our trip to offer really unique experiences for PlayStation fans.

Therefore, it is likely that in the future we see new proposals by the new studies of PlayStation, which, knowing the trend of the Japanese company to hit where the portfolio takes out, could result in Great works . A fact that has already been seen with Insomniac and its Marvel s Spiderman or Ratchet and Clank: a separate dimension, or with housemarket and the returin of it.

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