Baumgart Obtainly acting and all in the square

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How to tackle the task against the francs, Baumgart already reveals with the answer to the question of the offensive cast: I want to all have on the place, says the coach and says Anthony Modeste, Sebastian Andersson and the most recently In Frankfurt, Mark Uth, which the coach a high degree of completion attested to the coach. This looks like full of a strap, especially since Florian Kainz and possibly Ondrej Duda, even more offensive players can count on their nomination.

Meré in the starting

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As he still thinks about the offensive, a decision has already fallen in the back: Jorge Meré will play, the coach revealed on Wednesday. I realized him realizing that he deserves. The decision for the Spaniards may also be related to this that this has the football player larger repertoire than the competitors Luca Kilian and Timo Hübers. Accordingly, he can also support the structure over the center. Because with a Baumgart certainly at the opponent: You will try to make the spaces in the middle close, above all but they run aggressively at the beginning. Situations that Mere can solve the situation of things footballery better than the colleagues.

The Youth League is a highlight for the whole club

Steffen Baumgart

Today from 6 pm, Baumgart – like the entire FC – still pushes an extra layer. Together with around 4000 fans, you support the U 19 of the Geißböcke in the Youth League game against the favored Krc Genk from Belgium: The Youth League is a highlight for the whole club, says Baumgart, We are all looking forward to the game in front of a big backdrop. I expect a nice game where I will have a lot of fun.

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