New World Long queues and surplus servers Almost 700 000 simultaneous players Many new servers

Update of September 28th 2021, 21:59 clock:

The player onslaught continues to be large: During the day, the New World Developers have added 17 new servers with German language recommendation. New World was started (from 39.99 � for pre-order) with only eight realms for the German market, but these game worlds were very fast.

The following statement for the current situation, the long queues and login problems has released the development team: We understand that some players: have very long waiting times and work hard to improve these problems. That s why we open Furthermore, new worlds and will also expand the capacity of our existing worlds as soon as we have tested these changes sufficiently. Our current focus is on all logging in and playing – at the same time we also want to ensure that all long term find a home in Aeternum. That s why we will all players: in the next two weeks a free character transfer to be available. We thank you for your patience and support as the New World community Watch and encourage you to consolidate your long-term serverplaces with your community.

Based on the simultaneous players, New World (707.230) is the most successful gaming publication on the PC this year (before Valheim).

Update of 28 September 2021, 14:53 clock:

Currently, according to Steam, just 487,573 players are at the same time (CCU) in New World – or are waiting for the queues to get to the servers. Thus, the online adventure of Amazon Games is the second largest gaming launch of the year 2021 and is just behind Valheim with 498,478 at the same time active users.

Original notification of September 28th 2021, 11:25 am:

The New World servers were officially launched at 8 o clock (in Europe) and only a short time later formed very long queues on the servers, especially on the eight servers, provided for German players are. After the first RealM restarts to resolve stability problems and deactivation of the Twitch extension, up to 10,000 players are waiting to enter the selected server on some servers. The waiting time can be loose for several hours – and before the server selection, a login error message popped up because of to many connection requests . Amazon Games wants to keep an eye on the situation. Already yesterday, the company meant that they would have reserve server in the hindquarters and possibly also add new servers as needed in the regions.

⚠️ We will restart all worlds in the EU Central region (Au�er Baltia, Tanje, Amenti, Hades, Hades) at 10:30 CEST to let server stability problems.

We expect a downtime of ~ 15 minutes.

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  • New World DE (@playnewworldde) September 28, 2021

⚠️We have detected a problem associated with our Twitch integration functionality. While we examine and fix this problem, we have deactivated the function temporarily (grayed out).

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  • New World DE (@playnewworldde) September 28, 2021

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