Note Korean players 2021 Rolled Cups Completed

2021 League of Legend World Championship (Rolled Cup). This intercodes were funny, even if it is fun, it was centering on a unique storytelling between Korean players.

Riot Games conducted 22 groups of 22 teams to participate in the 2021 Rolled Cup in the Berlin LEC Studio on the 22nd. The 2021 Rolling Cup Cho, who has been in charge of LEC s progress, the 2021 Rhodes Cup of the G2 E Sports, .

First, the first programming of the progressed stage (1), Hanwha Life (LCK) and LNG E Sports (LPL) have entered A (LCS) in Group B. Beyond Gaming (PCS) and Cloud Nine (LCS) were organized. Through the second pool lottery, Infiniti E Sports (LLA), Peace (LCO), and Red Carniz Calenga (CBLOL) were joined to A. Unicorns of Love (LCL), Galatasarai E Sports (TCL), Deronation Focus (DFM) was completed by joining the group B and completed.

In the 16th group stage stage, in the 2020 World Championships Championship Team and LCK 1 Seed, Ceminaria A Group A, LPL 1 Syddie Edward Gaming (EDG) (EDG) (EDG) (EDG) is B, The Made Mad Lions was organized in D.

A decisive situation was directed in the second lottery. As the 2019 World Championship, LPL 2, Seed Fun Plus Phoenix is ​​organized in A Group A, and the situation in which Court Kia and Fun Plus Phoenix meet two times in the 16th round. In Joe B, LCS No. 1 Seed, 100 seeds, C was assigned to LC 2, Syded Pentatics, and D. D.

In the same area, the team that the team that participated in the World Championship did not enter Joe as a group of group stages. In Joe A, LEC 3 was placed in the third seed log and the LCK 3 seed, T1, and LPL 3, the Royal Never Gibrid, LCS 2 Seed Team Liquid was deployed in the D.

As Kia and Fun Plus Phoenix were organized in the 16th round A, Raccoon and the interesting greatness surrounding Kanni was formed. Fernaplus Phoenix, who won the 2019 World Championship, has recruited Kan Kim Dong-ha, a 2020, but did not go up on the World Championship. Wong, Kia won the winner of 2020, after winning the Raccoon , the Raccoon has moved to the Punyl Plus Phoenix, but it has a blank on the top liner, but it has won the LCK Spring and the Summer, winning the LCK Spring and the Summer, and won the World Championship winners for two consecutive years.

The mid liner Choke Jung Ji-hoon and the Tazan Lee Seung-yong, who were held in Griffin, who was on the 2018 Summer from the Summer to the Sun Mermer, Hanwha Life in Jung Ji Hoon, the LNG E sports belonged to the LNG E sports, which was the same as the first pool, but the LNG E Sports was the first to be placed in A group. As I came in, it was achieved.

LNG e Sports is noteworthy that the first World Championship ticket is the main station of Lee Seung-eun,

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