Print for Brooks Sebastiaan Bornauw arrives at Wolfsburg

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Normally, no way leads past him. John Anthony Brooks has long since developed the service provider at VfL Wolfsburg, together with co-man Maxence Lacroix, the Americans form a perfectly coordinated internal defense. Now, however, Brooks sat in the Bundesliga for the second time in a row at the beginning of the game on the bank. A sub-insert in Fürth (2: 0), when it has been replaced, followed for 90 minutes in the audience role against Frankfurt (1: 1). Is there a change in the Wolfsburger defense center?

It is clear: With the 14-million-euro purchase Sebastiaan Bornauw from Cologne and the whereabouts of Leipzig Lacroix, Lower Saxony have qualitatively aggravated its competition in the defensive center. The trio has to play the claim, behind it comes with new entry Micky van de Ven a talented challenger. At the beginning of the season, no way led past the well-rehearsed Duo Lacroix / Brooks. But that changes this day.

has Brooks reference in Lille also follow for the league?

Brooks Bankplatz in Fürth was still explained with the long international destination of the US defender, comprehensible that coach Mark van Bommel put the defensive rotation in motion and Bornauw helped for a successful start-up debut (game-grade 2.5). As expected, Brooks returned to his ancestral post in the Champions League in Lille (0: 0). However, the 28-year-old disappointed with his royal class premiere, flew from the square after a foul and a hand game with yellow-red and is now blocked in the second group match on September 29 (21 clock) against FC Seville.

Does Bornauw have to receive game practice in advance of this game? Coach van Bommel did not want to formulate this as clearly after the Lille game, but explained, That s worth considering. And put it promptly on Sunday against Frankfurt promptly on Bornauw, but he could not decisively prevent oppistor Sam Lammers at the goal.

Nevertheless, the Belgian comes to Wolfsburg, develops his first missions, now makes pressure on Brooks, which has maneuvered a little into (international) away with his place of space itself – and possibly also suffered in the league. There is no doubt about the class of the former Berliner in Wolfsburg. First discussions about a new contract already ran, soon they should be deepened. Brooks contract runs in the next summer, for a future at the VFL he must be ready for salary. If it does not come to an agreement, the VFL has long ago provided – with Bornauw and Van DE.

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