Highly emotional moments for modests

Advance (from French ouverture, lit. opening up ) in songs was originally the critical intro to a ballet, opera, or oratorio in the 17th century. Throughout the early Charming period, authors such as Beethoven and also Mendelssohn composed advances which were independent, self-existing critical, programmatic jobs that presaged categories such as the symphonic poem. These were in the beginning undoubtedly meant to be played at the head of a programme .

A highly emotional football evening has experienced Anthony Modeste on this Saturday night with the highly intense, entertaining and with five longer VaR examinations duel with RB Leipzig (1: 1) – pressure drop including a few minutes after closing. The French striker initially had after his interim hit to 1: 0 tears in his eyes, he sank briefly in the shoulder his teammate Mark Uth.

Then on the microphone of Sky and in conversation among other things with DFB-legend Lothar Matthäus he did not shout his tears, was even emotional – and said, My daddy has a birthday today. That s a lot of emotions for me. I have I lost my dad three years ago. At the end of 2018, Father Guy Modeste was also a professional, among others, died at the AS Saint-Etienne, at the age of only 64 years. Matthew himself was also moved from these gestures and noticed: That s all human. He does not have to be ashamed of this.

Horn is very pleased for modests

Also Modestes Player Timo Horn, with a lot of really strong parades this evening with the most outstanding man, talked about the volume of 25,000 fans in the stadium-celebrated crowd pleasure – and remembered the heavy time, which the 33-year-old lately canceled Had: He had to go away a lot of the last few years, has also had a lending ( zur as Saint-Etienne; Note d. Red. ). But he has a lot of fighting spirit, has seen himself back, that has been seen in the preparation , There is more and more profits – and now he has the deserved reward.

Especially the sense of modests, which is already in five league games at four hits as well as a template, again so strong and so important for the team: You do not get the instinct in the sixteen, you just have that – and you have it at today Seen his latter and the 1-0 then. We are glad that we have him again in this constitution. That was certainly missing us last season – such a striker, which one can sometimes can go and the ball then goes in me also personally for him.

Fun Fun Fun

Just as Horn is pleased that it was also very good for the Cologne club as a whole is also very good in this season – eight points from five games, which can be more than seen: The guys have delivered a giant fight and get this point deserved.

Has on the side of FC-Coach Steffen Baumgart and with his colleagues just fun : Offensivemann Mark Uth. Imago Images / Moritz Müller

This also looked like Uth, who praised the backdrop in the Rhine Energy Stadium: Yes, I ll say so: It s just fun – the fans to whiten. 25,000 … that felt like 50,000. There If you are looking forward to it, if you re really full. It s just fun right now. Next: It was a very, very intense game – just nice to look at. This is also the march route that goes our coach ( steffen baumgart; Note d. Red. ) – and to which we believe it too. Of course it is from time to time for one, but that s the way, if you always want to go to the second goal. But then just the wide cadre is valuable, there we throw guys in, which immediately take along there. The guys who come in, the Burn – that s what you can see. And that s how it s really fun.

His disputed scene in the development of the 1-0, when it was first decided on foul (after prolonged VaR interruption including the own screen study by referee Felix Brych, no offenses of the Cologne has been decided to Mohamed Simakan), ©H also commented on still: I ll come in between, do it easily, clear. But I m not going in now to bobbing him – that s why I do not know if it s a foul, but the referee has decided, but we look forward to it us over it.

Or in other words of the attackers returned from Schalke to Cologne this summer: And this is how it is a huge fun.

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