WoW Kel Thuzad Guide

Kel’thuzad is bound to his phylacterium and as long as his old I was not destroyed in just that phylacterium, the boss can never be the temporal bless. Nevertheless, it is your first goal to beat the life points from the Lich Gen zero. Thereafter, the phylacterium opens and her fight against the remnant of Kel’thuzad. At 66 and 33 percent, the boss then revives itself again for the second respective third round. Only when the overrest is destroyed from the phylacterium in the third course, her Kel’thuzad can give the rest. But in turn …

WOW: Kel’thuzad – Short Guide

Performs a tank change after soul fracture .
Focuses the images of the tank. Uses ECHO of oblivion to prevent your spells.
Kitet frost bound devious until he is defeated.
Destroys the glacier spines in a targeted manner to avoid high raid damage.
Freestschlag starts together in the carcass camp and then removed Frosty captoes .
Brings Kel’thuzad first to 66, 33 and 0 percent, while you avoid attacks and oppressed the Shadowaura. Kill the adds in the boss room just before the end of the phylacterium phase.
In the last phase, avoid the ice surfaces of deep freezing .

The first phase tanks in danger

Kel’thuzad uses frost attacks especially. His Ice Splitter always goes to the current goal and causes 75 percent of the attack damage as physical damage. The soul fracture meets the tank, causes shadow damage, causes the character back and splits the soul of the hit into several images. For each image, there is a stack of debuff soul creation , which increases the resulting physical damage by 500 percent and kills the target after a minute. In addition, the images of shadow damage causes all characters. The measures are clear: Tank Number 2 takes over the boss and all damage experts focus the images. If these are defeated, the victim of soul fracture can collect his souls and thus remove the stack of the debuff.
Wow: Does the images of your tanks do as fast as possible and uses echo of oblivion to prevent their spells. Source: phase

The first phase – glacier craze

The Lich acts in parallel with random players ECHO of oblivion , the player and soul splitter brings silence within ten meters for six seconds. Upon expiration, you leave a field from which a frost-bound devoteer appears after another six seconds. This moves towards a random player and detonates there. Kitet and controls the addition until it is defeated on the ground. Incidentally, you have the choice as to whether the victims of the echo of players and splinters remove far or if they use the silent field to prevent the surface attack of the images.

Also on random players is Glacier Craze , through the glacier grabs come out of the ground, add the characters within six meters frost damage. These spines now continuously lose part of their health, and as soon as they reach zero, they shake and add the RAID direct frost damage and for ten seconds every second further frost damage. This dot is stackable and deadly when several spines break at the same time. So skin these focused and broken one after the other, and finishes the dot in between.

The last three skills of Kel’thuzad: 1) with Frostschlag hurls an ice bicker on a player who fell sharply, so that the damage does not fail to be fatal. Removes the debuff frosty shackles at all met. 2) By Howling Blizzard conjures up in zero mana in the area-growing ice fields that cause frost damage and finally explode. 3) Via dark elements , Kel’thuzad revives his frost-bound devalions as well as died players, who need to be killed.
Wow: You can avoid the most attacks in the phylacterium. Only the constantly ticking shadow damage aura nibbles on your life points. Source: phase

in the phylacterium

As soon as the Lich goes to the ground, a part of your raids (without tanks) changes to the phylacterium to combat the residue of Kel’thuzad. You expect attacks that your ropes or what you need to dodge. If you do not succeed fast enough to bring the boss to 66 or 33 percent health, a shaft of death in the entire RAID rattles with revengey destruction. It is also deadly if you remain in the phylacterium after the fight against the overrest.

The players staying in the boss room get it with add-waves to do. Beers absolutely the Bansheitschrei the soul shop! The tanks grab the monstrosities. Ensure that you all adds all adds, just before you beat the overrest to the next limit. Surviving adds are noticeably strengthened by necrotic authorization (25 percent more damage), too early adds come back.

As soon as the overrest is defeated, the damage rises from the revived Lich in the next zone by five percent. His attacks ECHO of oblivion and glacier craze meet more characters.

The final phase

In the last phase you will continue to do it with ice chips and frost slot . In addition, the continuous shadow damage and the adds from the phylacterium phase come. In addition, the boss distributes with deep freezing constantly new ice fields in the area remaining until the end of the fight and cause high frost damage.

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