Catlateral Damage RemeWstered Cats

The focus of Catlateral Damage: RemeWstered is the carefree destruction through a cuddly kitten. The original game contained fully procedural generated levels, unlockable cats and hundreds of real cat photos, which to find and collect.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered Review (XBOX)

Catlateral Damage: RemeWstered maintains all this, but also offers a completely new progression concept with which new level and other content can be activated. There are also some new features, new content and many small improvements in every corner of the game.


A completely new progress design
More items for throwing and interacting
20+ new Fellow Photos, so it’s almost 300
Brand new tasks to do

Permanent value bonuses and skills
Newly designed cat models and animations
Overall improvements in UI, animations and effects

Catlateral Damage: RemeWstered in the Xbox Store with 20 percent discount

How to let off steam in the destructive simulator as a domestic cat, you can see Catlateral Damage: RemeWstered Launch Trailer:

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