NBA 2K22 Build Tipper at Carmelo Anthony Next Gen

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Discover in detail how to make our build for a shooter at the Carmelo Anthony for fashion My career on NBA 2K22 in Next Gen version. As every year, creating your player is very important and the build is a crucial step. So we are introduced to our build with all the information needed to achieve it.

Our Build of winger at Carmelo Anthony

First, be aware that this build aims to create a winger capable of shooting in most positions, Carmelo Anthony way in his premium. The build is playable in the park but also in NBA in the career mode with a very attacking optics.

From then on, be careful because this build requires to master the components of the mid-distance and remote shooting: you have to know how to draw but also dribble to gain in isolation and play remotely from the basket.

Basic information

Size, Weight and Wingspan: 2.03 m – 101 kg – 2.07 m

Here, the idea is to really enjoy the stats given by a small scale and a limited weight, in order to be a real sniper remotely. Attention so, because defensively you will be relatively weak …

No surprises here, both on the physical aspect and skills.

List of Attributes of the Build

Attention here because the attributes are listed at their level after changes on physics. This is a build for NBA 2K22 Next-Gen version.

Attribute | Base | MAXIMUM
— | — | —
Shots close | 25 |

| 80
Double-not in penetration | 25 |

| 80
Dunk in penetration | 25 |

| 80
Dunk without momentum | 25 |

| 25
Control at the post | 25 |

| 85
Mid-distance shots | 25 |

| 93
Shots at 3pts | 25 |

| 87
Frank Frank | 25 |

| 87
Precision of the passes | 25 |

| 67
Ball control | 25 |

| 81
Speed ​​with balloon | 25 |

| 71
Defense / rebound
Inland Defense | 25 |

| 80

Outdoor Defense | 25 |

| 85
Interception | 25 |

| 60
Against | 25 |

| 81
Offensive rebound | 25 |

| 41
Defensive rebound | 25 |

| 71
Speed ​​| 25 |

| 75
Acceleration | 25 |

| 73
Strength | 25 |

| 69
Vertical relaxation | 25 |

| 65
Endurance | 25 |

| 98

Takeovers: Pull-up Precision and Post Shot Daggers

Build badges: 89 badges

20 Finish

32 shots

19 Organization

18 Default

Tips for this Build of Carmelo Anthony Next-Gen

We are here on a fairly complex build, allowing to do a lot of things but especially to mark. Thus, we are not a crazy Dunker, we defend correctly but no more, but this build knows how to mark all the positions.

Note that for the choice of a team in my career with this build, we recommend you to play at the Phoenix Suns or in Utah!

So much for our wing build at Carmelo Anthony for your player in the fashion my career of NBA 2K22 in Next Gen. We will update all our guides and tricks on the basketball game. Do not hesitate to consult our other guides as well as our article on the list of changing codes on our NBA 2K22 portal.

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