TFT Teamfight Tactics Notes of patch 11 18 Changes and news

Teamfight Tactics exceeds two years from its launch but even though the time hRANGE elapsed can continue to find Constant content updates in TFT. Then we detail the rest of the changes that come to the game with this patch 11.18 that occupies us, also available at League of Legends to adjust several champions, attributes, objects and others of the title of Riot Games . Once again, we remember that black mist arrived with the set 5 of the game.

Changes in TFT champions


Damage of fury drunk grRANGEses: 175/250/400 ⇒ 175/250/475.

Range 2

Now Pyke always chooses a new combat goal after slipping it. This improves the consistency of it when stunning units at the corner, especially when short distances slides.

Range 3

Life of Nidalee: 800 ⇒ 750.
Nunu voracity damage: 500/750/1800 ⇒ 450/700/1750.
The shooting time of YRANGEuo’s burning sheet is reduced.

Range 4

Draven attack damage: 90 ⇒ 95.
Fixed damage of rotating ax of Draven: 150/200/800 ⇒ 150/225/900.
Draven rotating ax attack damage progression: 170/180/340% ⇒ 170/180/400%.
Durand de Gallio shield damage: 200/300/1200 ⇒ 200/300/1500.
Durand Shield Damage Reduction of Gallium: 60/70/90% ⇒ 55/60/95%.
Duration of the daisy lifting of Ivern: 1.5 / 2/6 s ⇒ 0.5 / 0.5 / 6 s.
Daisy life of Ivern: 1500/2400/10000 ⇒ 1600/2600/10000.
Damarita attack damage from Ivern: 80 ⇒ 90.
JAX LIFE: 1000 ⇒ 950.
JAX powered attack speed bonus: 30/35/100% ⇒ 20/30/100%.
Progression of JAX enhanced hit attack damage: 200/220/300% ⇒ 200/220/400%.
Magical damage by shot of the Lucian sacrifice: 50/90/400 ⇒ 40/70/400.
Progression of the Dark Vigil Attack damage from Apaleclios: 350/375/425% ⇒ 350/375/450%.
BRANGEic Dark Vigil damage from Apalelios: 150/200/400 ⇒ 150/200/500.
Diana moon rain damage: 300/450/2000 ⇒ 300/450/3000.
Fiddlesticks storm damage: 150/200/600 ⇒ 150/200/750.
Spiritual Fulgor damage from Karma: 230/290/750 ⇒ 230/290/850.
Reduction of a spiritual gauge of Karma: 15/15/30 ⇒ 15/15/40.

Range 5

Kayle attack damage: 75 ⇒ 80.
Progression of attack damage of the first RANGEcension of Kayle: 80/90/1000% ⇒ 60/80/1000%.
Herald of the downfall of Volibear no longer destroys shields. Instead, it inflicts twice RANGE much damage to shields.
Herald Damage of the Daming of Volibery: 150/300/5000 ⇒ 125/250/5000.
Viego sovereign domination damage: 180/360/2000 ⇒ 150/400/2000.

Changes in TFT objects

Percentage of shield of life of blessed bloodthirsty (radiant): 60% ⇒ 40%.
Dvarapala Petreal Protector (Radiant): Magic Armor and Resistance by Enemy: 40 ⇒ 30.
Novelty medallion of the Targon Summit (Radiant): The Radiant Bonus gives 200 of life to all allies at the beginning of combat.
Medallion shield of the Targon Summit (Radiant): 600/700/800 ⇒ 400/500/600.
Magic resistance reduction of statikk favor (radiant): 50% ⇒ 70%.

Changes in TFT attributes

Ruin Rising | Reckoning Launch Cinematic  - Teamfight Tactics

Infernal attack speed: 10/30/70/130% ⇒ 10/30/80/140%.

Error correction General

Leave beatings: Players who do not pRANGEs downtime checks will no longer be forced to receive a penalty not intentionally for leaving the queue, RANGE it happens to the players of the League of Legends crack.
ZarzRANGE and more brambles: STRANCE VEST no longer blocks more critical damage due.
Cruel visions: Now the teema’s ability specifies that the reduction of attack speed of it lRANGEts 3 s.
A true sacrifice: the stunning of Kennen and Riven now provoke that Lucian stop shooting with him’s ability.
Fogueus shooting: the guns that have a mortal edge no longer rarely shoot a non-functional visual effect related to deadly edge.
Error 111151: TFT consists of controlling the different variants with skill. Some players have been able to ignore variability and still stand out on the professional scene. We closely follow this situation and we consider making equilibrium changes for professional players who dominate tournaments too often. Some ideRANGE to date: live bees, overturn a glRANGEs of milk on keyboards and more bees.

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