Meinmmo is looking for author in m w d in the home

We are looking for reinforcement in our authors team. You can now apply for a job at Meinmmo to write independently from the home office from News, Guides and Specials to New World.

Who we are looking for: You should know you well with New World and share your knowledge about the MMO.

Then we look:

  • You always know what a new patch and a new update will bring to New World.
  • You’re fun to deal with the current meta and explain it to others
  • You’re good in explaining something to others. Especially for guides is a clear language important
  • You are interested in what the community moves in New World after the release and talk about all

New World Complete Beginners Guide: Things You Should Know Before Playing & New World Tips
* You are familiar with Reddit, Twitter, Discord and the Official Forum to inform you
* You are ready to reflect criticism of your work, to accept it and develop yourself in writing
* It is beneficial if you have already gained experience: a separate blog, your own streaming channel or work for another website could fall below. But that is not a must for the place.
* You enjoy writing and bring an interest in journalistic work with

We would like to occupy the job as fast and good as possible. Maybe yes with you.

Attention: This job is for self-employed employees: thought inside. It is not a permanent position.

That’s the job

You will be part of our editorial staff and help organize our reporting to New World. We are grateful for suggestions and input, as we can improve them. It is important to us that for you the readers: stand inside first and you think about which items for the New World community are really interesting and important.

The task field:

  • You wrote items about MMO New World (News, Guides, Lists, Analyzes, Opinions, Community Interviews)
  • You are looking for self-employed topics that you are using as article. Here you get support from the editorial
  • You put you apart with analysis tools like Google Trends to recognize what the community is really interested in. You do not need a prior knowledge here. The knowledge of this can be conveyed by the editor
  • You agree with the editors which items you want to write to New World
  • You accept jobs on New World from the editors
  • You will receive from the editorial feedback on your articles and relies this accordingly
  • You can optionally participate in workshops that we offer in the field online and gaming journalism

Who we are

Meinmmo was founded in September 2013. Since March 2016, we have been part of Webedia Gaming. We continue to entertain a stand-alone editorial editorial team where most of your home office work. We resort to the resources in our headquarters in Munich, where the editors of Gamestar is sitting. Both Gamestar and Meinmmo and Gamepro are part of Webedia Gaming GmbH.

Meanmo has reached more than 3 million unique users per month: inside, most recently in January 2021 with a record of 3.36 million according to Agof. This has established itself within a few years, besides and, as one of the largest German games websites.

The focus of Meinmmo is on popular service games that are developed over years and played together online. These include titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold was, World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, New World, Final Fantasy XIV, GTA Online, Fortnite, or FIFA 21.

What we offer

  • The work can be done out of the home office out
  • You can flexibly divide your working hours as long as room for exchanges remains with the team
  • You are part of a highly dedicated team that gives each other feedback and supported
  • You are part of one of the largest, three gaming pages in Germany (Gamestar, GamePro and Meinmmo), which belong to a network
  • Practical training in the field of online and gaming journalism
  • Practical training in the field of search engine optimization (SEO)

The framework conditions and application

For when is the job? from now on.

For how many hours is the job? At least 20 hours a week, with flexible working hours. Optionally, more hours are possible.

What about payment? They exist. Details are clarified in the personal conversation.

What must be in the application?

  • a letter of motivation
  • Your tabular CV
  • Optional: Work samples

When is deadline? 11.09.2021

Where must the application be sent? By mail to the two following persons:

  • Leya Jankowski (editor-in-chief, Meinmmo): [email protected] * Alexander Leitsch (MMORPG editor, Meinmmo): [email protected] When can I expect a to- or cancellation? You should have received a reaction from us within 7 days. Should the period be exceeded, we recommend that you will be proactive again with us. Note on privacy: After we have set someone, we will delete all applications. But before anyone should have received a supply or cancellation.

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