COD Warzone 1 Update of Season 5 weakens 2 of the best weapons patch notes

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The Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone is still fresh, that’s the first weapon balancing. On August 16, the developers brought an update with a total of 5 weapons Nerfs and 2 buffs. The weakening is affected by 2 of the best weapons: the MP5 from COD MW and the AS Val. Details are on Meinmmo.

What’s going on at Warzone? The Battle Royale went to his 5th joint season with Black Ops Cold on 13 August and brought new weapons, new locations and a new Battle Pass. But what did not come to the Season Start: Weapon Changes.

In the first update of the Season 5 Warzone wants to catch up. A small update on the 16th of August brought 7 weapons adjustments and Meinmo shows you the changes. In addition, the developers gave an interesting insight, which type of balancing will soon be on the plan.

Warzone: Update on 16.08. Nerft 5 weapons and buffs 2

Which strong weapons were generated? It has met the MP5 and the AS Val from Modern Warfare. The old MP5 was considered in Season 4 as a very strong option in melee, while the AS Val was a lover’s weapon, which exchanged a small magazine against hellish damage.

  • Mp5-nerf
    • Basic damage First damage range from 34 to 31
    • Reach reduced by 5.4%
    • Breast damage multiplier increases from 1 to 1.1

In the important first damage area, the MP5 is now a little harder to play. To get to the strong time-to-kill of 526 milliseconds (8 hits), you have to go a little better now. Because abdominal and limbs hits are now weaker. However, you caught your enemies primarily in stomach or chest, just little for you. 7 Belly hit and a breast hit are enough for the strong time-to-kill. However, the first damage area is half a meter shorter.

In the second and last damage area, there was even a buff by the increased breast multiplier, which is not too high in weight. Overall, the Nerf was very careful and should only affect the general strength of the weapon. You can continue to use the MP5 from COD MW without hesitation.

    • Basic damage in the first damage range from 30 to 27

With Season 4, the developers have begun to increase the average time-to-kill of the storm rifles through the series and the AS Val was not affected. But now the damage monster with the small magazines is in focus and has lost significantly in the first damage area. Breast hits bring you only one TTK of 475 milliseconds (before 407) – instead of 7 results you need now 8. With 3 headshots you come back to the 407 milliseconds.

The AS Val was a niche weapon before the Nerf. The little magazines make the assault rifle in modes with larger teams difficult to play. But the values ​​are still good – even top. The automatic weapons can not keep up with the time-to-kill. Be your fans of the AS Val you now often need a ball in melee, but even against machine guns you continue to make a good figure.

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Strong pistols on the test bench – Nerf has sat

Which weapons were weakened? 3 The weakened weapons are pistols. The developers write that generous pistols should approach closer to the other weapons of these classes. The 3 secondary weapons were too strong compared to competition:

  • Amp 63
    • Basic damage first damage range from 33 to 31
    • New second damage area with 28 basic damage
    • Basic damage in the third damage range from 23 to 20
  • M19
    • The changes apply only to Akimbo Extra
    • Basic damage first damage range from 33 to 29
    • Basic damage Second damage range from 28 to 25
    • Basic damage Third damage range from 23 to 20
  • Sykov
    • The changes apply only with the run Sorokin 140mm Auto
    • Basic damage first damage range from 27 to 24
    • Basic damage Second damage range from 23 to 20
    • Basic damage Third damage range from 19 to 17

Through the strengths of the weapons before the update, there were certain situations in which the pistols could adequately replace a large weapon. But the pistols should be second weapons and cause corresponding damage. Especially the sykov with the car run is likely to quench the last fans after the age of 3. Nerf.

For a deeper insight into weaknesses looks past the English Youtuber and Warzone experts Jgod (via YouTube).

Two MPs get smaller buffs

Which weapons were strengthened? An increase in the damage is not available for the two machine guns, but the handling of the two candidates should be better with the adjustments:

  • Fennec
    • Ball speed slightly increased by 13.4%
  • Ots 9
    • Reduced visor movements when targeting

The Fennec is rather a weapon in the second or third row due to their small magazines in Warzone. But the high fire rate shakes you enemies in hits through and also the damage is right. Through the buff, the Fennec will not be a top caliber, but hits on some distance may be easier to put.

OTS 9 came in the mid-Season 4 and quite its charm. Through their good control and the strong damage they ended up in the loadouts of the last weeks. But when aiming with Kimme & Korn something was weird. For fast movements in the sights, the optics superimposed what disturbed when dividing. Due to a lower idle sway when targeting this problem should have disappeared.

The complete English patch notes can you see you here (via

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Developers talk about balancing – want new weapons in the meta

What announced the developers? An announcement of developers in the patch Notes was still interesting. With a statement on the current balancing in Warzone, the developers gave insight into future changes:

We are generally satisfied with balancing and think that nothing needs to be changed immediately. However, we believe that there are some outliers in the category Storm rifles, which were long enough in the top class. That’s why we consider it appropriate to reduce the strength of some assault rifles to give other weapons some time in the limelight.

These changes will come very soon.

Weapons such as the Krig, the C58 or older permanent burners such as M4A1 or gray 5.56 could be affected. Warzone has more than 20 assault rifles and some of them have never been part of the meta. In terms of balancing, we should face an exciting season again.

How do you see the condition of balancing in Warzone? Do you have a weapon that should be weakened or strengthened? Shares your thoughts with us in the comments on Meinmmo.

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