Wow A paladin against 20 Hordler and survived almost 4 minutes

A rare scenario in World of Warcraft: 20 Hordlers against a paladin of the Alliance, and he simply does not want to fall. We discovered what is behind.

PVP in World of Warcraft is fast and easy at times. Fights are often decided after a few seconds. Especially when one side is overcome in number, victory almost always translates into superiority in a few moments. However, a paladin supports it and makes sure that more than a dozen attackers squeeze their teeth over it. He simply has the most resistant divine shield of Azeroth.

What happened? In the last video of him, the Paladin Rextroy player shows once again what is possible at World of Warcraft if you make a perfect use of the mechanics and defects of the game. Fear of death, he throws as a human a whole group of players from the Horde in front of the city of Orgrimmar. But instead of blessing the temporal very quickly, even more than a dozen Hordler can not knock down the paladin.

Again and again, the damage is absorbed and even if it is done a bit of damage, rextroy simply cures it. Almost 20 enemy players are needed and about 4 minutes of sharp attack before rextrop is finally defeated.

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Why do you live both the paladin?

The trick is an error in the passive skill of the Holy Paladin Saved by the Light. This spell actually ensures that an ally player who is assigned the spell flame of faith receives a protective shield for around 9,000 points of damage if it falls below 30%. This can only be activated once per minute.

This is the error: However, this ability has a small defect. If the goal can not be protected because you can not launch any spell on it at this time, for example, in a sanctuary or because the other player is in a duel, the paladín gets the protective shield instead! And even better: the spell has no reuse time and works every time the other player receives damage below 30% of his health.

This means: If the other player with the flame of faith is in a duel and repeatedly suffer damage below 30% of the lifestyle of it in rapid succession, the paladin’s protective shield is renewed with each bar of damage. With just under 5 damage sticks per second, it is a protective shield of 35,000 damage, every second!

This also explains why Horde players have practically not going through this shield because it is simply renewed too fast. Together they would have to gather more than 35,000 dps, or more, to really damage rextroy.

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Is this allowed? Basically yes, because it’s just a defective game mechanics. However, deliberate exploitation of such errors is often punished with sanctions. In the case of Rextroy, however, it is possible that he always informs Blizzard of the errors detected in advance, so that the developers have a little time to correct the error before he publishes his video. This allows you to show exciting videos without thousands of copies of vulnerabilities and mistakes that he has shown.

What do you think of this unbreakable paladin? A great find and an interesting video? Or should I be sanctioned by something like that?

Rextroy always inspires with crazy combinations of mechanisms. More recently, he became immortal as a sorcerer and came to places where no one had been before.

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