3 weapons in COD Warzone the new neck

A newly explored hitbox has the potential, Incall of Duty: Warzone the Weapon Meta properly influenced. Meinmmo shows you 3 weapons that are part of the extended weapons meta and have a strong neck multiplier.

What is neck damage? Each weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone has a value for basic damage that changes through different multipliers, depending on where your opponent meets the body – which Hitbox caught her.

For a long time, it was assumed that there are only 4 areas with its own multiplier in Warzone – breast, stomach, head and limbs. But now we know a 5th area: a hitbox on the neck.

This hitbox is located exactly between the chest and the head and allows you to distribute more damage in the upper chest area without having to go directly to headshots. For many players, especially the chest area is the destination with tendency towards headshots. So you aim a little higher anyway, then hits in the neck-hitbox are probably probable, even if the area is quite small:

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What brings me neck damage? As good as every weapon comes in Warzone with other multipliers, some weapons benefit from the Hitbox sometimes more, sometimes less. The neck multiplier is no exception, but even more a outlier. The multipliers are sometimes different and some weapons at the neck simply cause breast damage, others to the full headshot damage.

The explorer of this mechanics, Truegamedata, has now shown its meta-weapons in a new video and also goes on the neck damage. Meinmmo introduces you 3 of his top weapons with neck damage and shows the advantages of the bonus multiplier. The English video of Truegamedata we bind you here:

XM4 – Maximum damage to head and neck

What can the weapon? The XM4 had to stand out some adjustments in recent months and fell sharply after a high phase. But thanks to the new information on the neck damage, the XM4 should now get more attention again. The assault rifle is extremely versatile and can be played on all distances.

How strong is the neck damage? As strong as headshot hits, which means 50% more damage at the XM4. Instead of having 30 damage beating neck hits with 45 damage to the opponent. The headshot area is thus significantly larger.

Do you usually need 9 results in the first damage area, rich with a neck hitch already 8 balls – TTK drops from 666 to 583 milliseconds. This also applies to the range – only 1 hit in your neck or head reduces the TTK from 749 to 666 milliseconds.

Warzone XM4 Setup

  • Eat: Agency muzzle fire damper
  • Run: 13.5 Detailed Command
  • Visor: Axial Arms 3x
  • Fall: Field agent front handle
  • Ammunition: Stanag 60 shot

Krig 6 – Finally a good reason for the great popularity

What can the weapon? The assault rifle is currently enjoying great popularity and that is especially due to your simple handling. If you screw the large run together with the field agent handle to the Krig 6, hardly remains behind.

How strong is the neck damage? The Krig 6 is intended for the big distances and causes damage to the chest in your 2nd damage area. A kill needs 10 shots. Neck hits increase the damage to 32 per hit and catch 2 balls The neck-hit box, you reduce the time-to-kill (TTK) from 828 to 736 milliseconds.

Warzone Krig 6 Setup

  • Eat: Agency muzzle fire damper
  • Run: 15 CMV, military
  • Visor: Axial Arms 3x
  • Counter: Field agent handle
  • Ammunition: Stanag 60 shot

ots 9 – does not need the multiplier, but has it

What can the weapon? The OTS 9 is a strong cartridge and can convince thanks to a low time-to-kill. In the first damage area, the OTS even trumps all the machine gun competitors and remains well controllable on the shortest distances.

How strong is the neck damage? As with the XM4, the OTS has full headshot damage to the neck. If you only meet the chest or stomach, decrease 2 results on the neck the TTK from strong 494 to outstanding 424 milliseconds. You will need 8 only 7 hits instead of 8.

  • Eat: GRU-Mündungfeuer
  • Laser: Gru-5MW Laser Marker
  • Visor: Mikroflex LED
  • Fall: Grinding Cup Handle
  • Magazine: Fast VDV 40-shot magazine

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Almost 1.5 years after the release, the mystery is revealed for extra damage under the headshot area and has the potential to take great influence on the meta. Since the start of the Warzone, Meta weapons have always prevailed, which were actually worse on the paper as the direct competition. The neck damage was probably part of these developments and shows that in the end, the fame of a weapon often decides and not only the bare numbers. At least until now. Übrigen, if you have ever thought of writing articles about Call of Duty or other shooters: We are currently looking for reinforcement for our shooter team of Meinmmo.

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