New World All weapons that you can use in the new MMO

The new MMONEW WORLD waives classes and instead sets different weapons that influence your game style. We betrayed by Meinmmo, which weapons there are and what you can.

These weapons are available:

  • Sword and Shield – Melee, rather defensive

New World - скоро открытый тест, а ты еще не выбрал кем играть !
* Rapier – Melee, a lot of damage
* Strikeax – Melee, a lot of damage
* War Hammer – Melee. a lot of CC
* Beil – Near and ranged, a lot of damage
* Spear – Near and ranged, damage and CC
* Bow – Fangamp, a lot of damage
* Muskete – Fangamp, a lot of damage
* Fire rod – ranged with magic, a lot of damage
* Life rod – ranging with magic, damage and healing

  • Ice cuffs – ranging with magic, CC and healing

Which weapons are the best? All weapons in New World are considered useful and strong. Since you always use two of them in combat and changing between them, the focus is above all on the combination of weapons.

A current overview of the best weapons in the PVE and PVP will give you our animal list. We keep these constantly.

Anyone looking for generally strong build guides with explanations will find it here:

  • 3 builds for beginners that are ideal for PVE and levels
  • 3 strong PVP builds that you should definitely try it
  • The best builds for tanks in dungeons

Will there be new weapons? Yes, even after the release it should regularly give new weapons. The first new weapon is expected to be the Void Gauntlet. This is a magical weapon, which sets value to damage and CC.

DataMining also found 8 more weapons that could find their way into the MMO. More about the void Gauntlet and generally to new updates from New World after the release can be found here:

So it should continue with New World after the release

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