NBA News Draymond Green About dispute with Kevin Durant He had blocked me

Draymond Green has spoken in Carmelo Anthony’s podcast What’s in Your Glass about his dispute with Kevin Durant to Golden-State times and explains that KD had blocked him for a while.

There was a time when he had nothing to tell me, there was a time when he was likely to block my number on his phone, Green said about the dispute with Durant. But I never addressed him. If only I can write with him about Instagram DMS, then I write in this way with him. Because in the end, it’s his decision as we communicate. I just know that he’s my brother is that I left him and nothing but love for him, he led out.

At that time, a dispute was awarded to the game against the clippers. After the end of the regular season, there was a heated discussion on the bench between the two, which led to Green locked for the upcoming game and remained this scene for a long time topic. Most recently, Durant said in the interview with Green, that dealing with this situation had finally caused him to leave Warriors after three seasons in the summer of 2019.

In the meantime, the quarrel but from the world and Green is glad that he could publicly clarify the topic with Durant. I was full of hearing all the stories that were just nonsense and it was just like that, Green explained the decision to record the conversation with Durant.

Green and Durant have clarified the situation

Today, the two are the narrow friends who were at first time at Golden State. I know that if I have some problem, I can turn to him and the same way around. No matter what, we are always there for each other. And that’s not there often, why I do not consider it for course, Green said.

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Green and Durant played three seasons together for the Warriors and gained two championships during this time. Only the violation of KD in his last season in San Francisco held it probably from shining a third championship.

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