Dofus all active liabilities of temporis classes 6 complete list

Who says pre-registration of Temporis 6 , also says Displaying different liabilities and active! After a first presentation live by the Dofus team, discover the complete list of class spells for this new edition of temporary servers.

DOFUS TEMPRIS 6 – All classes and active liabilities, complete list

TEMPORIS 6 will resume the bases of tempor IV while improving it. This includes the class system very different from that of conventional servers. Indeed, with the puchomancians, each has one or more assets and / or liabilities. This information is revealed during pre-registration so that you can choose in advance without being totally in the blur. But Truce of Blabla, you are there for spells!


Remote : Gain of 2 pm and intaclable at the beginning of the turn if a mile attack has been undergone. Otherwise, +1 cumul 8, infinite duration (never withdraws).


Lucky : + 25% critically permanently. + 50 power for 2 turns when you make a cc

Veinardice : 2 Pa. Gain of 2 pm, shield or random power.


Portal : 1 Pa. Puts a portal.

Neutral : 1 Pa. Closes the portal.



  • Care 5% per basic tower
  • 5% care more if Eniripsa has undergone enemy damage
  • And finally 5% care if Eniripsa has less than 50% of its PDV

ECHO of JOUVENCE : 3 Pa. Gives the last% of care received by Eniripsa (by its liabilities) to the target.


2 Kamas per turn. 4 Kamas per turn so below 50% of his points of life

** Interest * *: -2 PA nonSEQUIVABLE. 1 Pa. COST 3 Kamas.

* Tax *: -2 PM nonSEQUIVABLE. 1 Pa. COST 3 Kamas.

Amortization: Pass the next round of everyone. 1 Pa. COST 10 Kamas.


Glyph: 3 Pa. Laying a glyph that inflicts damage in the last launcher’s attack.

Insulation: 2 Pa. All the allies won a shield during the next tour of the targeted enemy.


Quadracy: Attempt to cause damage in one element and then in another gains the exalted state and power for the current turn. The state gives 2 pa and power.

Neutralization: 3 Pa. Resets elementary combinations and their effects. Carggles of 10% + 9% by combination created. The recovery time is reduced by 1 turn to each attempt at neutral damage.


Swordist: Finish with an opponent’s body’s body advocates the IOP of a shield and an increase in damage. The effect is increased the first time or if it has not been triggered in the previous turn.

Counsess: 2 Pa. The launcher is getting closer to the target. The cost is refunded the towers where the effects of swords are active.


** Sacrifical fire : 4 Pa. The targeted invocation distributes half of its PVs to its invoker and the rest to the launcher.

* Envol *: 2 Pa. The launcher exchange places with the targeted allied invocation.

Dressage: 2 Pa. Increases the vitality of an allied invocation and transmits 50% of its power. If the invocation dies during the captive the launcher won 2 Pa.


Intimidation: When they end up with an enemy, the ouginaks reduce the damage he inflicts and applies the prey state. For each enemy in the prey state, the ouginak is neat of 8% of its PVs.

Hunting: 2 Pa. Earn 3 pm if no enemy is present at 3 boxes or less. Reveals invisible enemies in the area.


TONNEAU: 2 PA. Invokes a magic barrel. The barrels become runes out of the towers of Pandawa _ (max 10) _. If an entity on the rune on the appearance of a barrel, it wins the Saoul state and makes the barrel disappear. In addition, they refer 80% of the damage received to enemies with 2 boxes around.

Drill: 2 Pa. On a barrel, space exchange with the entity in the nearest Saou state within a radius of 4 boxes. On another entity, applies the Saoul state.


Transforms the bomb at the end of the turn. It can then resonate with different effects.

** Exploso : 1 Pa. Explodes to treat allies in zone, regains 1 Pa.

* Explosion *: 1 Pa. Explodes to inflict damage in zone, regains 1 Pa. The more bomb-shaped damage, the more it inflicts.

Baberosion: 1 Pa. Explodes to repel 2 boxes the entities to his body-to-body, regains 1 Pa.


Punishment: When an enemy inflicts remote damage, the sacrier wins 1 pm. When an enemy inflicts body-to-corps damage, the sacrier wins 1 Pa. Cumulative 4 times.

Indulgence: 3 Pa. The launcher returns 20% of his PVs.


** INFECTION : The entities in the infected state inflict 100% of the last damage suffered and then 1 neutral damage. The enemies that attack a Sadida gain the state.

* poisoned root *: 2 Pa. Infects the targeted enemy.

Antidote: 1 Pa. Removes the infected state of the targeted enemy.


Double: 3 Pa. Invokes a double controllable which has the characteristics of the launcher. He does not attack and dies after playing 3 turns by exchanging room with his invoker.

Infinisibility: 2 Pa. Target an ally to become invisible. The target undergoes 50% less damage, while the SRAM is invisible until the target death. The effect is not lost when the SRAM attacks.


** Turret : 2 Pa. Invokes a turret. When two turrets are aligned, they create a ground marking that gives PMs to the allies and withdraws into enemies.

* Updated *: 2 Pa. Exchange of place with a turret.

Disassembly: 3 Pa. Destroys a turret to confer a shield in the area around the launcher.


Oracle: Win 1 Pa _ (Infinity) _. A second pa is won when the 40% PV launcher or less.

Time Savings: 2 Pa. The targeted launcher or allied wins 1 Pa at the beginning of his next round and the turn after.


The zobal can choose your mask and enjoy bonuses. The action is reimbursed as long as the zobal changes mask each turn.

** Mask of Psycopath : 2 Pa. The launcher wins power.

* Irust mask *: 2 Pa. The launcher wins PMs.

Intrepid mask: 1 Pa. The launcher wins a shield depending on his vitality.

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