The expert discovers a new Hitbox in Cod Warzone and says That changes the goal

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing video game developed and also published by Chinese game house miHoYo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, as well as iphone in September 2020, for PlayStation 5 in April 2021, and also, since August 2021, is prepared for future launch on Nintendo Change. The video game features an open-world environment and an action-based fight system, using elemental magic and character-switching. Considering that its launch, the video game has actually been free-to-play and also is monetized through gacha game mechanics whereby players can obtain new characters, tools, as well as other resources. Genshin Impact is the following title by miHoYo, complying with Honkai Impact third (2016 ).
Genshin Impact happens in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which is house to 7 unique nations, each of which is connected to an element as well as ruled by a god connected with it. The story complies with a double, referred to as the Traveler (with the gender chosen by the player), who has taken a trip throughout several various other worlds yet has ended up being divided from their twin sibling (of the opposite sex) in Teyvat. The Traveler takes a trip in search of their shed brother or sister with their friend Paimon, as well as becomes associated with the affairs of Teyvat’s countries and also gods.
Development started in very early 2017, and also was designed to integrate components of the genuine globe with eastern animation styles (see Chinese, Japanese, as well as Oriental animation). To supplement the game, miHoYo released a buddy manga, and also has prepare for further tie-in media. The video game obtained normally favorable evaluations, with movie critics praising the combat and also open-world flexibility, while some slammed its endgame content and monetization version. A business success, the video game made over $1 billion within 6 months of release.

Chest, stomach, head, tips: These are actually typical success pictures in Call of Duty and, therefore, also in Battle Royale Warzone. But the developers have been suggesting for a long time that there is something intermediate. Now, the expert at Warzone Anthony Truegamedata Zachman has explored the details.

How long has Call of Duty existed: Warzone now? Almost 1.5 years? UF, little by little, all game mechanics should be discovered, investigated and used in Battle Royale. However, until recently, at least one mechanics was beyond the total understanding of Warzone’s experts: the Hitbox of the neck.

We already knew about the official notes of the patch that there is a neck multiplier. But nobody had yet bothered to examine the appropriate Hitbox. TRUEGAMEDATA Now the time has been taken to do so and believe that the discoveries will have a significant impact on the goal. impact shows him the findings of him.

The neck impact box between the chest and head is larger than expected

What kind of Hitbox is that? The so-called neck impact box is between the impact boxes on the chest and head. Not all weapons have their own multiplier for the neck. In that case, it causes damage to the chest when it hits the neck.

Weapons with additional damage in the neck offer a decent advantage for players who achieve safe blows on the chest and do not always look for the most difficult head shooting. We will include an image with the different Hitboxes for you:

The 5 Impact Boxes in Warzone. Source: YouTube.

  • Green Impact Box: Damage at the Extremities
  • Yellow impact box: abdominal damage / base damage
  • Red impact box: chest damage
  • Light blue Hitbox: Damage to the neck
  • Blue Hitbox: Shot damage to the head

TruegramEData emphasizes that colored areas are mapped as accurately as possible. However, testing the areas is very difficult and minor deviations can not be ruled out.

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How do you change the values ​​after a hit? A general statement can be made on the neck multiplier that has now been investigated; There is no regularity with this value, except that the damage increases when there is a multiplier.

For example, the BullFrog sub-Metalle does not have a neck multiplier and the OT 9 have a multiplier at the shot level at the head. If you hit your neck with the OTS9, count as a shot on your head. This causes the values ​​of the weapons a little less transparent. Warzone provides little information about the damage of individual weapons in its arms blacksmith and many players are reported outside the game about the values ​​of their weapons.

With the neck multiplier now clearly shown, a weapon can already have 5 different damage values ​​in the first damage area and another 5 in the second, perhaps even in the third area of ​​damage.

If you want to verify the values ​​of the neck, take a look at the start page of TRUEGAMEDATA (through TREGAMEDATA.COM). We include the English video for the neck Hitbox here:

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Advance of Hitbox and sniper mysteries

What else should you know? In relation to research on neck damage, Truegamedata also discovered an interesting behavior of the Hitboxes. There is a type of penetration that ensures that you always influence the greatest damage in the impact box that brushes the bullet.

If you shoot bullets from the side to your enemy, it usually traps the arm of the opposite operator. However, the bullet penetrates and hits the chest, maybe even the neck. In this case, count the Hitbox with the greatest damage. If you hit the same place on the arm from the front, you will only get the damage from the low end because the bullet does not affect any other impact box.

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impact is looking for an author: en (m / f / d) in the home office for multiplayer shooting games

What weapons benefit more from it? Then a declaration can be made about a regular: the great sniper weapons benefit greatly from the damage to the neck. For a long time, some blows with Sniper in Warzone were a bit mysterious, because the blows caused more harm than they should. The reason was always the damage to the neck.

Regardless of whether it is from Cod MW or Cold War, a blow on the neck causes more than 200 damage and, therefore, puts enemies that only use 2 armor plates.

  • Great sniper with damage to the neck.

    • Ax-50
    • Rytec Amr.
    • M82.
    • Tundra LW3.
    • ZRG.

In addition, Truegamedata found 3 weapons that cause damage by head shooting on the neck and thus enlarge the head hitbox: Oden of Cod MW, as well as XM4 and OTS 9 Cold War.

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Truegamedata assumes that new knowledge will have a significant impact on the gun goal in Warzone. But the next few days and weeks will have to show how the neck multiplier works. After all, we have been playing with him since the launch, but only now there are numbers.

The mechanics of small arms of Cod Vanguard could have a greater impact on the game, but that is about to be seen.

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