LOL Gangplank becomes the Lottery Champion and is an incomprehensible step back from Riot Games

Gangplank has become one of the characters of League of Legends with worst victory rate. Although Riot Games intended to improve it in the last 11.17 patch, the statistical data of the champion place it as the worst alternative in the upper lane and have generated an important discontent between the community. However, the problems do not end up in the poor performance of him, since he is affected by an even more important failure: the effectiveness of him depends on luck.

win with Gangplank, a random question

The new characteristics of the character have motivated players to bet on a construction based on critical impact percentage. Thus, the champion always has the alternative to inflict a blow of this type to the rivals as soon as he completes the first object of him. A system that, given the relevance of the barrel combo and its extraordinary capacity of additional damage, makes victory in a fight does not depend so much on how well we connect the skills if not the luck we have with them.

The critic mechanics has always been one of the most problematic of League of Legends, but it tends to regulate itself. In the shooters, for example, the high cadence of basic attacks makes it relatively simple that in an exchange we receive the corresponding additional damage. There is always the option that there is a succession of lucky strokes, which is why Riot Games reduced additional damage to avoid situations like the one right now suffers by the pirate . Another example is Yasuo or Yone, who receive additional critic that, in addition to increasing their power, serves to make them more predictable.

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Face the next patch 11.18, Riot Games is intended to increase a few base statistics of the champion that will surely increase the victory rate of it, but in no case will they solve these additional problems. Winning or losing a game should not depend on a coin leaves face or cross , and each time Gangplank appears in a confrontation converts League of Legends into an unpleasant lottery.

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