Dragalia Lost s Crossover

Dragalia Lost’s Multiple Wored Monster Hunter Crossover Event and the Summon Showcase are now live for the players.

The hunting season has begun and dive everywhere monsters from another world. It is located on Prince and Felyne, to stand together and press against the scaly and / or faulty threat. Luckily, you have the legendary Rathalos, king of the air to help you in a fight for eternity.

As far as Dragalia Lost-Crossover events is concerned, this event is a bit more meaningful – certainly more than the Mega Man: Chaos Protocol-Crossover from last year. Nevertheless, they almost always have fun, even if the connection is really very thin.

Monster Hunter World - Private Suite (1 Hour Loop).
Among the outstanding adventurers of Part 1 of the Events Primal Crisis include Hunter Vanessa and Hunter Berserker. As expected, there is a lot of rewards on Monster Hunter and an original story to play through. However, the big gain for me are the many legendary monsters Hunter weapons to win.

The event runs until the 16th of February at 21.59 pm. Logging in for 10 days during events is a great way to get ordinary rewards such as a Rathalos fire sword and a 5-star summary voucher. It is important to know that there will be a big event update on 3 February at 10pm.

If you are not immersed in the fantasy of monsters, you can download Dragalia Lost as a free title of both AppStore and Google Play. Do you need more persuasiveness? Maybe our review tells you from the start what you miss. And remember that since then, the game has progressed a good deal. It is now one of the better Gacha games on the market.

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