Best movements for Articuno in Pok mon Go

Articuno is one of the three legendary birds of the first generation of the original games, and you can capture it for a limited time in Pokémon Go. You can usually find it available at special events or during five-star raids. The five-star raids require that you and several friends drop it off and capture it. However, you have several chances of catching several versions of Articuno as long as it remains in rotation. What are the best movements it can know so you can use the best in combat?

Articuno is an ice type Pokémon and theft. It is low against the electrical, fire and steel attacks, and it is incredibly vulnerable to rock-type movements. You want to use it against soil type pokemon, insect and grass. He has a maximum CP of 3051, an attack of 192, a defense of 236 and an endurance of 207.

Here are all the movements that Articuno can learn:

Quick movements

  • Frost Breath – (Ice Type) 7 Damage, 2.5 Energy per Tour
  • Ice brilliance – (type of ice) 9 damage, 3.3 energy per turn

⭐ War Thunder - the_D_point.mp3

Charge movements

  • Old power – (Rock type) 45 Damage, 45 Energy
  • Blizzard – (Ice type) 140 Damage, 75 Energy
  • Hurricane – (flying type) 110 Damage, 65 Energy
  • Ice radius – (ice type) 90 damage, 55 energy
  • Glacial wind – (ice type) 60 damage, 45 energy

The best choice you have for the fast movements of Articauno is the ice fragment. The breath of frost does not approach, it is better to avoid it in general. Make sure yours does not have it as much as you can.

For your charging move, you have some additional options. The best is the hurricane, even if many will not have an articuno with this attack because it is a legacy movement. If you can voluntarily use an Elite Charge TM, you are ready to go and you want to make sure to unlock it. Alternatively, the glacial wind or the blizzard are decent options for your next choices. These are the best options available to you, given their kit.

An articuno with splinters of ice for its fast movement, then a hurricane and an icy wind is a deadly opponent.

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