Genshin Impact The best team composition for Yoimiya

Yoimiya, Genshin-impact ‘s latest 5-star character is a great choice for those who need a goal-oriented DPS with high damage capable of producing reactions and cause massive elementary damage while he At the same time increases the total damage of your teammates.

We will tell you now what you should consider when building around Yoimiya. As well as Show you a team composition will help you to brighten the battlefield.

The best team composition for Yoimiya

Since Yoimiya is a character that specializes in causing elementary damage due to its normal attacks (reinforced by its elementary capabilities), your teammates must be able to help you create as many reactions as possible to create their total damage and to increase your AOE.

  • Da Hydro makes it yoimiya to generate the evaporation reaction that increases the damage of its normal attack based on the total damage of the attack is recommended to use support that can be applied to enemies.

In view of the fact that Xingqiu Hydro can apply both with its elementary ability and with its burst, and the fact that his burst makes it possible to apply the element each time a normal attack is made, is one of the best Supported for Yoimiya, as well as an important part of our composition.

  • Mona is also a good choice for a hydro support because it can place a bait that inflicts enemies constant hydro damage and has an Elemental Burst, which does not only apply the item, but also increases the overall damage of the team exponentially.

For the second place of the team, we choose Fischl, another character, which fits like castings to our DPS strengths, especially if you have unlocked your sixth constellation that enables Fischl to create a continuous electric shade on the field for each attack. Thanks to OZ, succession that can do even more damage if you are paired with Yoimiya’s passive burst, aurous blaze.

  • Each electrical character capable of causing damage outside the field can be excellently functioning with Yoimiya because the damage can be enhanced on the field by the overcharge reaction.

Since all compositions require at least one healer, we recommend for this composition Bennett, as it can enhance both cure and Yoimiya’s total damage exponentially. Bennett will also allow the entire team to increase the ATK by 25% thanks to the elemental resonance of FERVENT FLAMES (Pyro + Pyro).

  • If you want, you can add the Team Venti or Saccharose to collect enemies that increase the team’s elementary behavior and create reactions to take your damage to the sky. But that would mean to relate one of your supports and focus your damage in just one reaction + vertebrae.

Nevertheless, the use of XINGQIU (MONA) + Fischl + Bennett in our opinion is best suited for Yoimiya, as it offers not only a large damage thrust, but also offers the opportunity to create many reactions and cause persistent damage while at the same time Full is used by Yoimiya’s passive to increase the offensive support capabilities.

  • It is good to point out that you should not expect that Yoimiya achieves the same numbers like Hu Tao and Ganyu, which is currently the best elementary DPS of the game, as its greatest weakness in contrast to the two in the fact that lies that They focus on the character focuses individual enemies.

Genshin-impact is currently available for PC, via the official launcher of Mihoyo and the Epic Games Store, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on mobile devices – Android and iOS -. You can do your progress thanks to its. Also part of all platforms cross-Save special feature. You can read our guide to creating Yoimiya as Elemental DPS here.

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