Destiny 2 weapons changes come with the pre-patch

With the start of DESTINY 2 in season 15 we expected a lot of changes to weapons, exotics and mods. This expectation has become the publication of the latest reality this week in the bungie blog. Both PVE and PVP weapons changes are expected. So if it is the exotic grenade launcher anarchy or the dusty old fusion gun in your vault, the weapon meta in Destiny 2 will go through a massive change. Continue reading to see the changes that come on 24th August with the start of season 15.

Primary ammition weapons

  • All primary ammition weapons now have an infinite ammunition.

Locked grenade launcher

  • Explosion radius reduced by 0.4 m, eg. For example, the maximum explosion radius of 4.55 m was decreased to 4.15 m, the minimum explosion radius was reduced from 3.80 m to 3.40 m.
  • The injection loss was reduced by 20, reducing the total damage in a direct hit from 220 to 200 (before taking into account sting or proximity grenades).
  • Damage in the PVE increased by 12% (due to the above-mentioned change in spray damage, this leads to a small total buff for combined damage).
  • Witherhorard is not affected.

Machine guns

  • Damage in the PVE increased by 20%.

Scout rifles and handguns

  • Damage to minors increased by 15%.

Fusion rifles

  • The PVE damage bonus has been increased so that all subfamilies have a PVE bonus of 15% (so far the high effect was 0%, precision and adaptation were 10% and rapid fire 12.5%).
  • Softwash timing:
    • Download slower.
    • The basic loading time has been increased from 0.86 s to 1.0 s.
    • Shots per shot were reduced from seven to five.
    • Reduced total damage per burst.
  • Precision and Adaptive Frames:
    • Very slightly increased total damage per burst.
  • Quick fire frame:
    • The basic loading time was reduced from 0.54 to 0.46 seconds.
    • The shots per shot were increased from seven to nine.
    • Increased total damage per burst.
  • The above changes apply to all exotic fusion guns.

Changes to exotic weapons

  • anarchy
    • The total reserve + magazine ammunition was reduced from 26 to 16.
    • Damage to bosses reduced by 30% (champions are not bosses).
  • Xenophage
    • Fire rate from 120 to 90 RPM reduced.
    • Receives less of the PVE damage buff for machine guns.
  • Fighting lion
    • Receives the same changes as other closure grenade.
    • Reduced base repayment value to 0 (closure grenade launcher with 0 repayment value are very slowly charged).
    • Now increases the recharge speed to the previous stage when multiple opponents are harmed with a grenade.
  • VEX Mythoklast
    • PVE damage bonus increased by ~ 40%.
    • The range statistics has been increased to almost the best in class for high-speed automatic rifles.
    • Increased stability statistics.
    • Revised catalyst to provide stability and damage after a kill.
    • Fire rate from 360 to 390 increases.
    • The charging time in Linear Fusion Rifle mode was reduced from 820 to 533 (as standard linear fusion guns).
    • No longer loses overload stacks when stowed, except in linear fusion Rifle mode.
  • merciless
    • Updated advantage to consider fewer shots per burst (should the loaders build on the same amount per burst as before).
    • The damage penalty for increasing the charge rate was reduced by 40%.
  • Jotunn
    • Reduced charging time from 0.82 S to 0.78 S (ie charges 0.04 s faster).
    • Slightly reduced damage per shot.
  • Bastion
    • Reduced PVP damage by 15%
    • Increased scattering angle by 10%.
    • PVE damage increased by 25%
  • Sweet business
    • Now fills the magazine when taking specialty / heavy ammunition instead of primary insulation.

These are the currently planned weapon archetype and the exotic changes for Season 15 of Destiny 2. In the future, we will definitely see other changes to the weapon sandbox, especially when the Witch Queen approaches. At the moment we are looking forward to taking merger rifles from the safe and see how they compete against the big guns.

Stay in any case on it Attack of the Fanboys for all coming Destiny 2-news and guides.

Destiny 2 is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia and PC.

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