Destiny 2 Plans a massive fit of weapons for season 15 All that changes

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Just a few days before the season begins 15, Bungie offers you a generous look at the arms changes that await you for the new season of Destiny 2. We have summarized the most important information here for you.

Where does the information come from? At Destiny 2, the new season 15 begins on August 24. In principle, we officially do not know anything about the season itself, here the information is probably only the day of the launch or immediately before, probably in parallel or as part of the most important of the transmissions of the year, which presents the next great expansion Of the witch Queen.

But with regard to the upcoming changes in the game, the study has already been more generous and has already revealed a lot of information about upcoming innovations and adjustments for many areas of the MMO of Action. In the last developer blog of season 14 that expires, there were now details about the massive weapons fit that Bungie has planned for the new season. All this awaits you in a few days:

Many changes are aveching: Gunsmith Banshee-44 is also amazed

Global changes of weapons

Legendary Weapons: In season 15, weapons of legendary stasis are introduced for the first time. Here is the most important information:

  • Standard energy weapons are carried in the energy groove, all other weapons of stasis land in the kinetic groove. The groove of the energy gun should not be fully filled. The kinetic slot will not change the name at the moment.
  • The weapons of stasis, by themselves, will not do anything different from weapons with other types of damage, but they are the only weapons that can roll with advantages of stasis.
  • The general intention is that the advantages of stasis with slowdown or freezing effects are activated by deaths. That is quite easy in PVE but not totally distant in PVP.

Fast exchange error correction: A combination of certain control entries and animation pauses made it possible to change the weapon almost instantaneously. This will now be solved with season 15

Infinite ammunition for primary weapons: As some smart fanatics have already speculated, the main weapons will have an infinite amount of ammunition in season 15. The advantages that are directly related to this have been adjusted. Even:

  • Overcoming the indolence of the middle road of the Titan Striker
  • Case magazine. This advantage gives more recharge speed but a smaller charger.
  • Compact arrow shaft. This advantage has also been reviewed and now offers a higher recharge speed and better management.
  • Some other advantages that had an impact on ammunition reserves
  • Exotic weapons, the roar of the lion and the battle horse, have been customized (we will enter more details later in the article).

New for test weapons: Bungie has some new and great advantages to add to the weapons of Osiris tests. Therefore, all the test weapons available in season 15 will have 7 instead of the 5 previous advantages in each row.

Recently Reintroduced – Lunar Weapons

New guidelines for the return of weapons: The following should be applied to the weapons that are returned:

  • 2-3 minus advantages are removed
  • 2-3 newer advantages are added

In this way, the identity of the weapon itself is preserved, but the new options also allow first new level circulation. For weapons that have returned with update 3.2.1 (Moon, Dreaming City), small changes have been made to promote them in this direction.

Changes in certain archetypes of weapons.

Lanzagradas articulated: In PVP these weapons became increasingly annoying, in PVE one is satisfied with performance so far. Therefore, there are the following settings:

  • Radio of explosion reduced by 0.4 meters.
  • Splatter damage was reduced by 20, reducing the total damage from a direct hit from 220 to 200 (before adding the effects of pointed or environmental pomegranates)
  • PVE damage increased by 12% (given the nerf of splash damage, the conclusion is a small improvement of combined total damage)
  • Exotic drought collector is not affected by these changes.

Machine guns:

  • PVE damage increased by 20%.

Rifles and scout pistols:

  • Damage against smaller enemies increased by 15%.

There are many changes in fusion rifles.

Fusion rifles: There will be substantial adjustments for the new season. The fusion rifles may have benefited something from the shotgun nerf, but the conclusion is that they would not differ enough in their individual archetypes to the taste of Bungie and they were not really useful in a variety of activities. Therefore, it will change the following:

  • Increase in PVE damage bonus so that all subtypes of melting rifles now have a PVE bonus of 15% (the previous penetration housing was 0%, the precision housing and the adaptive housing was 10% And the fast trigger housing was 12.5%).
  • Subspecies now have differentiated more clearly together by adjusting the loading time, shots by saves and damage accordingly. By the way, hereinafter referred to as basic means: No battery benefits, no freight time workwhere or master loading time mod.

    • Penetrating Housing:
    • Base loading time increased from 0.86 to 1.0 seconds.
    • 5 instead of 7 shots by volley
    • Reduction of total damage by saves
    • Accuracy housing and adaptable housing (just changes):
    • Basic loading time does not change
    • Shooting by volley without changes (still 7)
    • Total damage by download increased slightly
    • Fast fire housing:
    • The base charging time was reduced from 0.54 to 0.46 seconds.
    • 9 instead of 7 shots by volley
    • Increases total damage by saves
  • Parts of these changes also required adjustments in several advantages of melting rifle and a mod.

    • Highest Railroad was opened on the way to the changes to the fusion rifles and has been redesigned.
    • +100 has been removed in the charging time statistic, the charging time multiplier was reduced from 0.85 to 0.7, the damage now increases by 0.8
    • Liquid coils and accelerated coils have also received a change of image for the same reason:
    • Both have been changed to scale the loading time and damage instead of modifying the charging time statistics.
    • The final effect is basically the same as before, but weapons feel more robust.
    • The master loading time mod was useless. That is why the function has been changed so that the mod is now scaled the loading time directly instead of influencing the charging time statistics without adjusting the damage.
  • The order of the statistics of the melting rifles has been adjusted so that it is now similar to other branches of weapons.
  • These changes also apply to exotic fusion rifles.

It was only a matter of time: the powerful anarchy will soon be weakened

Changes in exotic weapons

Anarchy (Lanzagranates): The Nerf at Destiny 2 has already been announced, now the overwhelming power of anarchy is stopped in season 15. The following will change with the exotic launcher:

  • The total amount of ammunition in the charger and reservations has been reduced from 26 to 16
  • Damage against chiefs reduced by 30%. The champions do not count as bosses. In solo hard content, the weapon should remain strong and relevant.

Xenophage (machine gun): The MG was already great, so I did not have to benefit from the global benefit of the machine guns. It benefits from the benefit of bullet damage from the machine gun, but now it has a lower shooting rate to compensate for that:

  • Reduced fire cadence of 120 rpm at 90 rpm
  • Benefit less than the MG PVE damage improvement

Lion Roar (Lanzagranadas): Primary ammunition that will soon be infinite should not be a problem in PVE, but was in PvP tests. Therefore, there are the following changes:

  • The reserve ammunition increased from a lot to infinite
  • Receive the same changes as other articulated launches
  • The base statistic for recharging was reduced to 0. The grenades articulated with 0 in this value are slowly recharged
  • The recharge speed increases at its previous level if you hurt several enemies with a pomegranate.

Vex mitoclast.

VEX MYTHOCLAST: They did not want to take a surgical weapon that few have and that could ruin the PVP, but the VEX came out a little too weak. Then you want to convert them into attractive prey in the glass camera:

  • The JCE damage bonus increased by approximately 40%
  • Increase in scope statistics, now belongs to the best of its class (high impact automatic rifles)
  • Increase in stability statistics
  • Revised masterpiece catalyst. Now it gives stability and damage after death.
  • Augmented fire cadence from 360 to 390
  • The recharge time in linear melting rifle mode was reduced from 820 to 533 (as with standard linear melting rifles)
  • No longer loses overload accumulations when saved (except in linear melting rifle mode)

Revlelable (fusion rifle):

  • Profit updated to compensate for less shots by volley
  • The penalty of damage to increase the load rate was reduced by 40%

Jötunn (fusion rifle):

  • The loading time was reduced from 0.82 to 0.78 seconds (now loaded 0.04 seconds faster)
  • Damage by slightly reduced shooting


Bastion (melting rifle): Bastion feels strong in PVP, especially in front of weaker shotguns, but rarely used in PVE. This results in the following changes:

  • Damage reduced by 15% (can no longer kill a guardian with a shot of a discharge 3)
  • Extension angle increased by 10%
  • PVE damage increased by 25% (corresponds to approximately 10% improvement in PVE)

Battle Horse: The advantage recharging the charger by collecting primary ammunition no longer works due to the infinite primary ammunition, so it has been adjusted:

  • Now recharge the charger when you pick up special or heavy ammunition instead of primary ammunition


The shooter line found Bungie too strong, the advantage changes as follows:

  • The damage bonus was reduced to + 20% precision damage for all compatible weapons archetypes (previously varied much according to the weapon)

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* Roll in snipers, linear fusion rifles and machine guns, maybe other things also in the future

Some advantages of damage only had an impact on the impact damage of explosive weapons, now the detonation damage will also increase. The following advantages are affected:

  • Clip to kill
  • Retouch
  • Adrenaline addict

Incorrect rarity of some recently launched modifications has been corrected.

Witch Queen was postponed until 2022 and will be released on August 24. But what will happen before the great expansion?

That’s how it’s right

Now you want to see how the many changes will affect you. If necessary, small adjustments will be made in the first half of season 15.

In a slightly farther future (but even before Witch Queen), linear fusion rifles and swords with wheel frames will be adapted; They are not yet where Bungie would like them to be. In addition, it also observes unused and weak exotic weapons that also want to flavor a little, including Arbalest, Surans Regime, Cryosthesia 77K, service offenses and more. The change of weapons sometimes too fast for certain types of weapons is also under the microscope.

In addition, shortly before Witch Queen, they want to give the legendary weapons a little more identity, according to their sources. Apparently there will also be a completely separate system. In addition, the main weapons should become even more attractive in the hard PVE content. However, it has not yet been revealed how this is intended to achieve.

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