HEROIC MAGIC DUEL UPDATE 1 6 – Our thoughts and advice

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Welcome to our preview not so short of the 1.6 update for Heroic Magic Duel. First, quickly summarize what the update 1.6 has brought us and after that will examine each card and change, one by one.

  • Rebalancing 16 minion cards
  • Rebalancing 6 spells
  • 5 new minion cards
  • Sanctuary of the snake – the new arena

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – Rebalancing Minions

Will start with the rebalancing of the seides. Here, we will examine the rebalancing changes of each Sbire card and express our opinion on this subject.

1 . Blood tracker

  • Health: 2 850 -> 2,575 (decrease of about 10%)
  • Damage: 710 -> 645 (decrease of ~ 10%)
  • Health bonus per unit: 160 -> 140

I think a light nerve at the Bloodstalker is fine. It was a little outdated before the update, and even after the nerve, many players still use it regularly, including myself.

2 . archers

  • Health: 200 -> 190 (~ 5%)
  • Damage: 80-> 75 (~ 6%)

The archers have undergone a very light nerve, which has slightly reduced their damage and health, and should not affect the power level of this card. I do not know why the archers would need change, but as it is an insignificant nerve, I imagine it’s good.

3 . alchemist

  • Health: 570 -> 485 (~ 15%)
  • Damage: 190 -> 130 (~ 32%)

Well, the alchemist was one of the most used cards before the update, he probably deserved a slight nerve. I think this guy was a little too effective compared to unique targets. His health was too high for 3 Mana and when we look at his damage, we realize that he is no longer able to skeletons at once. Thus, its ability to fight the crowds has not been seriously reduced (except against armored henchmen), and it is now more a specialized anti-MOB card, which can be easily removed by almost all the other cards that generate a single Sbire. I think after the update, the alchemist will no longer be used only before and will probably be replaced by Blade Dancer, in most decks. Fortunately, I did not update this card.

4 . Fire

  • Health: 670 -> 395 (~ 40%)
  • Damage: 170 -> 180 (~ 6%)
  • Special Damage: 220 -> 160 (~ 28%)

Poor Fire Imp suffered a huge hammer shot. After such important health loss (I still do not understand the reason) and a slight increase in damage, it has become completely useless once its special capacity has disappeared. Well, it would not be a really terrible news, since the diablotin consisted essentially to clean the crowds with its special talent, anyway. However, its special damage has also been reduced by 28% and it is no longer able to launch skeletons with a shot if their level is higher than one level. So here we have a card capable of doing one thing, and one, and now, it can not even do it reliably – and do not launch me on its ability to fight protected monsters, it even feared before. The update … In total, I think that Fire Imp falls quickly in disgrace, and personally, I do not use it anymore. The blade dancer will probably be the new 3 mana card for the liberation card of the crowd, permanently replacing the Fire Imp and also the alchemist, in some decks.

5 . Primal spirit

  • Health 950 -> 920 (~ 3%)
  • Damage 380 -> 370 (~ 3%)

This card has had a very, very slight change of statistics in update 1.6. Primal Spirit is a very good card in the lower leagues (it is actually my favorite), but slightly sub-powerful in the upper leagues, this change should not affect the balance of the parties.

6 . goblike shooter

  • Health: 895 -> 795 (~ 12%)
  • Damage: 150 -> 145 (~ 3%)

In my opinion, the goblin shooter had a bit of a little health for a SBIRE at 4 Manas. On the other hand, I think that his damages were already shabby and although they have not suffered considerable damage, I still do not see any reason for this decision. Anyway, MARKSMAN GOBLIN will be able to work almost as well as before the update, because damage and not health are the most important statistics for a long distance shooter.

7 . chasser

  • Health: 880 -> 830 (~ 6%)
  • Damage: 195 -> 185 (~ 5%)

Shadow Huntress was a very good card, especially in the lower leagues. Lightweight nerve could be in order, in this case.

8 . Van

  • Health: 605 -> 845 (~ 40%)
  • Damage: 305 -> 340 (~ 12%)
  • Poison damage per second: 5% -> 15% (200% increase!)

Viper has been seriously improved, and rightly. In my opinion, it was one of the most undernourished cards, alongside the load. After the enormous improvement in health, an increase in damage and, above all, a huge improvement in its special poison capacity, the Viper could begin to appear on the battlefields in the specialized role of big murderer. This card can now be used to effectively counter the most powerful melee cards like Mana Wraith, the brute, juggernaut and abomination (especially abomination), because all that it touches will die of poison in 7 seconds or less. It can also be used to eliminate Crystal Colossus.

9 . Amazon

  • Health: 1 250 -> 1 130 (~ 10%)
  • Damage: 415 -> 325 (~ 22%)

This update was a significant nerve for the Amazon. His health was a bit high for a remote SBIRE then about 10% nerve looks good. More importantly, its damage has also been dealt at about 22%. It is therefore not as effective as formerly against a single target and has become a specialist in the fight against crowd. I totally agree that his damage was too important and needed a nerve because she was able to kill the crowds and was rather good (more than what we could expect) against a single target. So it was a little two for the price of a case. However, about 22% is perhaps a little too much and I would say that a reduction in damage of about 15% would perhaps be more appropriate. That said, I do not think the Amazon will experience a drop in popularity because it remains one of the best (if not the best) cleaner of the crowd, and the damage it suffers has nothing to say, even after updating it. In addition, many players have already invested a lot in this card and it is (still) good enough to keep its place in the decks.

10 . Guardian of nature

  • Damage: 960 -> 800 (~ 17%)

I think it was a good call. The guardian of nature can always do a lot of damage (both against unique targets and against crowds) with its flashstick, and when we add to that its ability to stun, this card is always one of the cards The most powerful game. I do not see Nature’s Guardian go anywhere, and it will probably keep his place among the most popular cards of the game.

11 . Silver Ranger

  • Health: 685 -> 680 (~ 1%)
  • Damage: 455 -> 325 (~ 30%)

Silver Ranger, one of the most popular cards, almost all players (including mine) upgraded as much as it could, has just taken a Warhammer nerve to the head … So, his damage was- they too important? I would definitely say yes. However, a reduction in damage of nearly 30% is far too much, in my opinion, and 15 or 20% would be much more appropriate. The Silver Ranger will keep its place in many decks because many players have already invested many resources. Even after the damage nerve, it is still able to do its job to get out of powerful melee spriefs, only now it will take that 1-2 strokes more crucial to slaughter them.

12 . Anubis

Anubis undergoes light damage. Overall, this card is only the spawning capacity of the skeleton and about 9% of the damage caused by the nerve will not change anything.

13 . Lord of war dead-living

  • Health: 4 175 -> 3,445 (~ 18%)
  • Damage: 595 -> 530 (~ 11%)

The dead-living warlord was still part of almost every decks. His state of health was really too high and his reduction of 18% seems to be a good thing. On the other hand, his damage was already very small for the card that costs 8 Mana, and I do not know if it was necessary for the nerve. Anyway, UNDEAD Warlord is always one of the most used cards. We see it in almost all matches. So it seems that the hammer of Nerf did not hit too hard.

14 . Firewitch

  • Health: 680 -> 695 (~ 2%)
  • Damage: 850 -> 555 (~ 35%)

After the update, Firewitch had a 2% health bonus and 35% damage. Well, for me, the Firewitch was fully focused on its special capacity (which has not been modified), so no one will think of throwing it out of the bridge even after the huge reduction of 35% of the damage inflicted to his regular attacks. In addition to this, the regular attacks remain more than able to eliminate the crowds, and that’s how I have always seen its secondary role (for example: kill a dead-living warlord with a special action, erase skeletons with automatic attacks).

15 . Abomination

  • Health: 5 675 -> 10 780 (~ 90%)
  • Damage: 2 270 -> 1,540 (~ 32%)

Abomination benefits from a huge health boost in terms of health, alongside a large damage nerve. After this update, I think the abomination will be used much more often, especially in combination with the fearless leader, the healing spells of Rhii and the power of Rhii, alay’na and his spirit Spirit Call or a combo similar. In response, we could attend an increase in the number of Venom cards present on the battlefield, since it is now able to quickly remove abomination, for one third of the cost in Mana (12 vs 4 mana).

16 . elite archers

  • Health: 305 -> 280 (~ 8%)
  • Damage: 120 -> 95 (~ 20%)

Well, elite archers are one of the most used cards, and the reduction of their statistics seems justified. This is especially true when we take into account the fact that the game Red Army (including the Archers and Swordsman d’elite) becomes more and more popular. That said, I think elite archers will keep their place among the most popular cards.

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – Rebalancing spells

This update focuses mainly on terrin Rhii and improves his spells, which is a good news since this hero has a lot of nice spells to play but they were slightly undernourished. It looks like the main idea was to slightly reduce their recharge time (5 seconds), and I totally agree with this decision. After the 1.6 update, we could see terribe more often, which is great because it was one of the most underused heroes.

1 . Sacred shield

  • Duration: 25 -> 30 seconds

Holy Shield was extremely powerful, especially when used on crowds. With the severe nerves of most cards with zone attack (Alchemist, Fire Imp, Amazon), the charging time was to be increased to 30 seconds. I think it’s one of the most positive aspects of update 1.6, as it was and remains one of the most used spells. It can be very effective (and very annoying) in some situations.

2 . Healing wave

  • Changed to treat 14 to 35% health per second for 6 seconds – 7 waves of care (before the update, the spell healed with the same quantity per second, but only lasted 2 seconds with 3 waves of care)

The wave of care has been improved more than any other spell in the 1.6 update. Before the update, the spell would last 2 seconds and heal 36% of the points of life at Level 1 and 90% at level 10. Now it lasts 6 seconds and can treat 98% of total health at less than 245% of Health at Level 10. It’s huge. This spell will be used much more often after update 1.6, as it can be extremely useful in combination with powerful health heritage (especially with abomination). In note, all terrin rhii spells have been improved in this update, so I guess it will see it more often on the battlefields.

3 . Chain lightning

  • Recharge: 40 -> 35 seconds
  • Basic damage: 1,450 – 1,500

The main disadvantage of the Lightning chain was its long recharge time. It now seems very good, and a slight damage bonus can only make it more popular.

4 . The power of Rhii

  • Recharge time: 35 -> 30 seconds

Like its other spells, 5 seconds less recharge time are needed for this spell to be a viable choice.

5 . Vortex

  • Recharge time: 35 -> 30 seconds
  • Evolution 1, Lente Duration: 3.0 -> 4.5 seconds
  • Level the spell will now increase the stun duration

Well, I did not see any interest in mounting the vortex before this update. Now it’s a functional spell, and with a shorter charging time, it can be used as a real competitive fate.

6 . Earthquake

  • Recharge: 45 -> 40 seconds

Even with the 5 second reduction, the earthquake always has one of the longest recharge times of the game. However, this spell is really powerful, and the 40 seconds seem just.

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – New Minions

With the 1.6 update of Heroic Magic Duel, we have 5 new servant cards, called The Exiled. Since all these henchmen have just been added to the game, I do not have much experience on the ground, so I will do some theory.

1 . Blade dancer

The new Common Sbire of 3 Mana which, unlike other henchmen, attack twice. In this update, alchemist and the fire diablot have been nerve and they attacked the zone 3 maps of mana … we now have the dancer of blades to take her place in our decks because it should be used almost exactly in the same role, and that is the crowd of cleaning.

2 . Crystal Colosse

Crystal Colossus is another new rare card. He can not attack enemy henchmen but will instead push everything that is on his way until he reaches the enemy base and explodes, causing enormous damage (good unless it is not killed before that). Some fun facts about Colossus:

  • If two colossics (yours and that of your opponent) meet in the aisle, they will start charging their crystal and the two will self-capitalize after a few seconds, without hurting the henchmen around them.
  • Water Element can push the colossus and can be used to prevent the above situation.

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* Valkyrie with its enormous damage is probably one of the best markers for this map

3 . Crow

The Crow is the new epic map presented in the 1.6 update. She has a distance attack and rushed back and pull her special dart whenever she is attacked. This card should be useful for high stalls, light damage and melee servants, because it will only undergo one shot before sneaking and continuing to shoot its target.

4 . Returning

Returning is the new legendary card provided with update 1.6. The return has the basic cost of 1 mana, but it will consume all your available mana, becoming more and more powerful with every point you will spend on it. I think it’s one of the most versatile cards because it can be useful from the beginning of the match (its lowest versions) and can be a killing machine if you choose to invest 10 Points of Mana or more in his invocation.

5 . Leech Soul

Soul Leech is another legendary card provided with this update. This card really attracted my attention as it becomes more and more powerful every time a friendly sbire dies. Because of this, Soul Leech should have a great synergy with the cards that generate several minions, like UNDEAD HORDE, UNDEAD RAID, Ravenous Flourge, etc. Well, if you build your deck in this way, it would be logical to add a blood tracker. For he also has a great synergy with the crowds, and you can even add a dead-living warlord to the mixture, which can be added to the numbers with 7 skeletons created after it is destroyed.

We hope you enjoyed reading our preview of the 1.6 update for Heroic Magic Duel. If you have ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to post a comment because we greatly appreciate all the comments of our readers. Opinion as changes

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