Yen Universe New Artist Haesung Woon Planet Open

DC Universe Online (DCUO) is a free-to-play action fight enormous multiplayer online video game established in the imaginary universe of DC Comic books. Created by Dimensional Ink Gamings and co-published by Daybreak Game Business and also WB Gamings, the video game was released on January 11, 2011.

[Data provided: NCsoft]

\ – Utilizing universe, we will start communication with fans, starting, original contents production and event participation

\ – ‘Haesung Woon’ Significant SNS Published in SNS, supporting support events supporting artists

The K-Pop Entertainment Platform ‘Universe’ in NCsoft (Mr. Yen) opened the new artist ‘Ha Sung Woon’ planet.

Singer ‘Haesung Woon’ is a private message that is provided in a universe planet, and FNS, and communicates with fans worldwide. It will participate in the creation of original content, including proprietary, pictorials, including universe, Fan parties, live colleg, and offline events are also on with the universe.

Mr. Yen was released at the Universe official SNS (Twitter, YouTube, Insta Gram), a Greeting Human Resources Image of the Planet Open. I also started support events to support artists.

Support events can participate in the universe app. If the fans achieve the support goal score, the Events to deliver coffee, snacks, or lunches and snacks to artists instead of fans. Five of the event participants present artists’ Polaroid’s photos.

For more information on the universe, you can find Official website and official SNS .

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