NBA News – Carmelo Anthony has with the Los Angeles Lakers title in the sights The only thing that is missing

Carmelo Anthony has emphasized that his destination with the Los Angeles Lakers is the title win. This is the only thing that is still lacking in his career, so the 37-year-old. In addition, Melo revised how Lebron James recruited him to the Lakers.

I’m coming to L.A. With the profit of the championship in the head, Anthony explained on his approach press conference on Monday. That’s the only thing that is missing me. That’s the only thing that holds me at night. This goal motivates me. I want to experience this experience.

The 37-year-old Forward goes to his 19th season in the NBA, he is currently ranked ten of the All-Time Scoring Leader, was chosen ten times to the All-Star, winning the Olympic Games Three Gold Medals with Team USA – though He made it with his teams in 13 attempts only twice out of the first playoff round.

Now he wants to start another attempt at the side of his good friend Lebron James. Melo apparently could quickly be convinced of a change to Hollywood, where he will be convinced in the Free Agency a one-year contract over 2.6 million dollars.

Bron is just coming to me and said it’s time. I want you. We have to do that, Anthony betrayed. I had the feeling that this is the best time. Many people say we should have put together in our careers earlier, but we were on two different ways. Now the circle closes.

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Carmelo Anthony at the Lakers: Gives a better story

James went in the draft 2003 as the first pick over the stage, a little later, Anthony followed as a No.3 pick. For the first time they play outside of Team USA together in the same team, albeit in the rather aged sportswear of 37 (Melo) and 36 years (LeBron). Generally, the Lakers reinforced this summer with some veterans, but according to Anthony, but no reason to worry.

That does not care. We spide our own narrative, he answered the criticism of the relatively old squad. I like it when people talk about our age. That gives a better story. At the end of the day you have to know how to play basketball and you need experience.

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The current depth chart of the Los Angeles Lakers

Point Guard (Age) | Shooting Guard | Small Forward | Power Forward | center
— | — | — | — |-
Russell Westbrook (32) | Wayne Ellington (33) | Lebron James (36) | Anthony Davis (28) | Marc Gasol (36)
Kendrick Nunn (26) | Malik Monk (23) | Kent Bazemore (32) | Carmelo Anthony (37) | Dwight Howard (35)
| Talen Horton Tucker (20) | | Trevor Ariza (36)

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