How to beat Megaera in Hades

One of the many reasons why Hades has such a high replayability is the bosses. Each boss of the game is a threat to all players at all levels. Even after putting hundreds of hours in the game, you can easily be abandoned because of a small mistake or because you did not get the right upgrades for your build. The first boss of the game is no exception. Megaera is one of the three furious who can act as the first boss at each round. It is also a potential interest in Zagreus and provides a memory to be used in subsequent series. Each Fury is a unique fight that can be as difficult as faces. Here is our guide on how to overcome the elder of the three Furies.

Megaera’s capabilities

Meg has four basic attacks that can all inflict severe zone damage.

WHIP SWIPE – MEG rushes forward and uses its whip to perform a cone-shaped attack with a wide arch.
Treat of the shadow – Meg pulls several bursts of shade orbs that spread on a very wide area. This attack can cover the whole card but does little damage.
Flame of the shadow – Circles appear on the floor and turn into inflamed AOE attacks.
Summon monsters – As his health decreases, Megaera will begin to invoke crowds to help him fight and keep you busy. It relies mainly with thugs and witches.
Shield – If it has suffered enough damage, MEG will create an invulnerable shield around it that can absorb all the damage. It often uses the shield before triggering one of its magic attacks.

All MEG attacks can be dodged using Dash or Deflected using Boons from Athena. The problem is that dodging and deviation can be difficult because of the volume of its attacks.

The best benefits to fight megaera

Artemis : The benefits of artemis are very useful in all situations. They increase your damage and your chances of inflicting critical damage. The best advantages for this fight are output injuries, support light, clean destruction, pressure points and real shot. All these benefits increase your incantation and criticism damage.

ATHENA : Athena is always welcome to the underground world because of its deviation effects. Deflect has a chance to send attacks on your enemies for some of the damage. This is very useful for Megaera because it relies on distance attacks and crowds. Divine Flourish and Divine Dash are the best to aim. These advantages add the deviation effect to your special and you dash. They team up very well with the Greater Reflex upgrade of the Mirror of Night. Sacred shield is also useful because it causes damage to nearby enemies and a brief deviation buff each time you undergo damage.

Attack damage: All god of the game, with the exception of Hermes, offer an advantage that increases the damage of your main attack and gives it a special effect. Any of these benefits will be useful in this fight.

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Best improvements to the mirror of the night to fight megaera

Death challenge / obstinate challenge: There is a good chance that you die at least once in Fighter Megaera. These capabilities allow you to restore some of your health after your death and give you another chance to combat the boss.
Boarding blood: This improvement increases the amount of damage you inflict when your enemy has bloodstreams of your casting cast in. Each rank provides an additional damage bonus by 10% up to 50%.
Abyssal blood: An alternative to boiling blood, this ability reduces the speed and damage of any enemy who has a bloodstock stuck in them.
Infernal soul: Each rank of this ability gives you an extra blood streak for your casting. You can have up to three. This blends perfectly with boiling blood to increase your damage at a time in Megaera and its servants.
Upper Reflex: This upgrade increases the number of dashes you can link.

Battle Phases

This fight has several predictable phases after the first attempts. MEG makes an intensive use of AOE attacks and distractions to reduce your HP. Mitigate the creatures that it invokes and stop hitting it on every occasion.

First phase

In the first phase, she will start the fight by rushing with her whip. This will be his main attack until you reduce his health at about 75%. The upward rush has a notable load, so it is quite easy to dodge. Stay outside the corners of the room and hit it when it charges its attack. When she starts her race, move away from the way, then go back to hit her again.

This phase is the perfect opportunity to hit it with your casting early. Paste it with a bloodstock when it loads so you can do even more damage. It will use the precipitated attack throughout the fight so that you have many opportunities to use your casting on it.

phase two

Once you have lowered his health about 75%, she will start invoking crowds and moving around her AOE attacks. These can be painful to manage, especially if you have a thug or witch who bitches you heels. If they are approaching you, put down the crowds quickly, if not simply move away from the way and focus on fury.

Megaera will frequently use its flame of shadow and shield with its normal precipitation attack. The shadow flame attack will draw four circles on the floor around you before they explode. The cluster is slightly different every time. Keep an eye on the floor and move away when circles begin to appear. You can use the time between each volley to reduce MEG HP. The attack will repeat three or four times before MEG enters a recovery phase.

Meg will also use its shield when it will start damage or between certain attacks. The shield is completely invulnerable, so do not even bother trying to hit it when it uses it. Exhaust his attacks when the shield is in place and focus on the elimination of all the creatures she has invoked to distract you.

phase three

The final phase of the battle can become incredibly chaotic. Meg will start using a combination of its previous attacks with a stolen of Shadow Bolts. The volleyball recalls a game mode Bullet Hell. It frees a very large number of bolts with a very wide diffusion. The only thing you can really do is to rush in the few empty spaces between the bolts. You can also hide behind some of the pillars around the room, if they have not been destroyed. Having an advantage that provides the Sturdy effect also helps, but they are not very common as early in a race.

The worst thing you can do in this phase is panic, you will suffer a lot more damage if you just button the mashed puree trying to stay away. Stay calm, wait for the attack ends, then reduce the distance and hit Meg as much as you can. Do not forget your broadcast. The bloodstock can increase your damage or reduce his own if you have the good benefits of the mirror of the night. If you can stay on your guard and survive the Shadow Bolts, Meg will be easy to eliminate.

This fight can drag out if you do not pay attention. Stay calm, keep moving and continue to attack each time you have the opportunity. Once you finally defeated it, you will win Titan Blood or other rewards. Megaera will become available in Hades’s house so you can start romanced and gaining a memory.

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