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Call of Duty: Warzone receives the first equilibrium patch of sereduced damageon 5. Changes are already available in the game, among which highlighting the power reduction of AMP 63, the automatic pistol of * Black Ops Cold War * .

Then we leave you with the full notes of the update. Remember that Battle Royale will celebrate an event to announce the next delivery: CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD . Meet all the details by pressing this link.


Includes Bug Fixes and Balance Preduced damages to Various Weapons.

The Sereduced damageon Five Patch Notes Have Been Amended (See August 16th):

  • Raven Software (@ravensoftware) August 16, 2021

Complete patch notes

Balance of armament

  • reduced damage Val | Maximum damage reduced from 30 to 27.

  • Fennec | Speed ​​of bullets increreduced damageed by 13.4%.

  • Subfusil Charlie of MW | Maximum reduced damage from 34 to 31, maximum reduced distance damage by 5.4% and damage multiplier in the upper torso increreduced damageed from 1 to 1.1.

  • OTS 9 | Decrereduced damageed the rolling of the weapon when shooting while you sign up.

  • Amp 63 | Maximum damage reduced from 33 to 31, average damage in 28 and reduced minimum damage from 28 to 23.

  • M19 | Maximum reduced damage from 33 to 29, average damage reduced from 28 to 25 and reduced minimum damage from 23 to 20. These changes only apply in Akimbo mode.

  • Sykov | Maximum reduced damage from 27 to 24, average damage reduced from 23 to 20 and reduced minimum damage from 19 to 17. These changes only apply when using the 140mm Automatic Sorokin Canyon.

Error correction

  • Fixed a problem in which multiple squads could enter the same red door (this corrects related problems when dying through the greduced damage by crossing the door).

  • Fixed a problem in which the battle preduced damages levels were not unlocked correctly on those battle preduced damageses received reduced damage a gift.

  • Fixed a problem in which the icons appeared with a white picture by adding to the PPSH-41 the GRU and KGB Silencer accessories.

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